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Torege polarized lenses - Torege® Eyewear

Generally polarized lenses use the principle of adjusting blinds to filter out harmful light sources, effectively blocking glare and reflected light, but poor polarized lenses will only distort your field of vision, also when light passes through water, ground, glass, and metal...

When the surface of an object is reflected, the multi-directional scattered light generated is more likely to cause interference with vision and the object cannot be seen clearly. Therefore, wearing lenses that cannot block harmful light sources for a long time can cause serious harm.

Moreover, while driving or exercising, dazzling sunlight can also increase the danger in activities, so when operating in an environment where sunlight is too strong and the UV index is too high, the TOREGE polarized filter is the core of the nine-layer lens.

This unique and efficient center layer selectively eliminates reflected glare, providing crystal clear glare-free vision. TOREGE's polarizers can give your eyes comprehensive protection, allowing activities to proceed smoothly and safely.

At present, most of the polarized lenses of low-priced sunglasses on the market use TAC lenses. TAC lenses are made of resin-labeled materials and stamped with glue. This kind of lens has a low price and poor performance. Long-term use will lose layers. At the same time, the color coating of the lens is easy to fall off. Our TORIEX high-definition polarized lenses use a precise injection molding process to produce a comprehensive single-layer lens. No glue, no sandwich, no mustard or mayonnaise!

On our website, you can find the clearest polarized lenses, which can help you to protect your eyes and give you the best vision ever.

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