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Torege lenses coatings - Torege® Eyewear
Scratch resistance coatings.
Scratches on sunglasses lenses can have a negative impact on vision. Each TOREGE lens has a special hard-coated protective coating, which mainly provides a scratch-resistant finish; it increases impact resistance and helps to extend the life of the lens. TOREGE lenses have a precise hard coating that helps prevent scratches so that sunglasses wearers can enjoy their TOREGE sunglasses for a long time. Ultimate durability, long-lasting and clear vision.

Resistant to seawater-resistant to seawater corrosion
TOREGE anti-seawater lenses use a special coating process to make the coating film more stable in combination with the lens and can withstand the test of over 48H seawater immersion, effectively resisting weak acidic and alkaline water quality, and meet the wearing needs at the seaside, etc.
A layer of SiO film is formed by vacuum electroplating on the surface of the lens, a layer of SiO2 film is formed by vacuum electroplating on this SiO film, and then a layer of anticorrosive film is formed by vacuum electroplating on the SiO2 film, and then a layer of SiO2 film is formed by vacuum electroplating on this anticorrosive film, and then a layer of SiO film, four layers of SiO2 film and four layers of anticorrosive film are formed alternately, which is to make nano-anti-seawater coated lenses. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, no peeling in the case of seawater, and UV resistance.

Anti-fog coatings
Special lens surface treatment technology is used to apply an anti-fog coating inside the lens to prevent condensation and moisture accumulation, which can effectively block fog and keep the lens clean at all times. The service life is up to 1 year, allowing you to be fog-free and worry-free. Upgrade the surface hardness of the lens to improve the wear resistance of the lens and prevent scratches
The anti-fog effect currently lasts for 6-7 seconds and will be upgraded in the future to make the effect better.

Oil-proof and antifouling-proof technology + hydrophobic
The patented technology adopts ultra-thin nano-coating technology to improve the smoothness of the lens, effectively prevent lens pollution such as oil stains, sweat stains, fingerprints, etc., the process is stable and does not affect the optical performance, and it is resistant to wiping.
Our high-quality hydrophobic + oleophobic treatment ensures that water, oil, and dirt fall off the lens. This treatment also has antifouling properties, provides additional protection for the mirror coating, and ensures worry-free lens maintenance.

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