About Us

Unleash Potential, Keep Passion

How we started

In 2012, we visited almost three hundred eyeglasses makers worldwide. Ultra-Light? High Definition? Affordable? Cheap Quality? Those elements that you take for granted are available at your fingertips. But we refused to compromise; we desired something unique, something basic and genuine, something as radical as the waves. We desired originality, therefore we built Torege.

We are the waves.

You can't reel in the largest fish of your life on your very first fishing trip.
When you first get on a bike, you probably won't be ready to race in the Tour de France.
You won't set any records as a beginner marathon runner.
However, you will never be let down because you will continually improve with each attempt.
That's what Torege is all about.




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Bring Your The Optimum In Fit, Function, And Comfort.

We spent years in R&D, Each item we make is rigorously tested for comfort and durability, and we’re constantly looking for more ways to innovate and improve.

Because the better your eyeglasses, the more motivated you are in everything you do and the more of a winner you can be.

Wearing Torege glasses significantly stimulates your inner desire for Sports!

You will find our "wave" icon on every pair of glasses. It is a symbol that inspires your passion for sports, bravery, and enterprise. It is also a kind of faith and confidence: stormy waves riding the wind and breaking waves remind you that there is an unspeakable mysterious life force that gives people some kind of power to surpass themselves.

Our Mission

we aim to provide you with designs that are high-quality, exciting and up-and-coming, just like the waves, and at a price everyone can afford. designed to help you awaken your inner drive, inspire you to excel in sport, and achieve success in life!