How To Find Your Sunglasses Size?

How To Find Your Sunglasses Size? - Torege® Eyewear

Now, most people like online shopping. It is convenient, fast, and saves time. But when ordering things without fitting, we often think about whether it will suit us. The same thing happens with the purchase of glasses. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you in detail how to choose sunglasses by size.

How to understand what the "size of sunglasses" is and what the numbers mean.

Eyewear parameters are often noticed on the inside of the temple's arms or the "bridge" between the lenses. Usually, the marking looks like 3 (less often 4) numbers, with separating signs between them. The dimensions are given in millimeters.

Let's take an example. So, you looked at the shackle and saw the numbers 54-20-134. What does each of them mean?

  • 54 – lens width;
  • 20 – nose bridge distance;
  • 134 – temple length;
  • The fourth number indicates the frame height.

To determine the overall frame width, you need to add up the size of the bridge, both lenses, and add about 10mm to the hinge joints.

Independently determine the width

Take two pencils and a ruler. Place the pencils behind your ears. Next, looking in the mirror, apply a ruler at eye level, measure the length from one pencil to another. Now you have the overall width of the frame, taking into account the personalities of your face.

How to choose the right model without fitting

Knowing the width of the frame and your face, you can pick up glasses online without any doubt.

You can always go to the store, try on a convenient model, write down its parameters. And then make an order of branded glasses online at a more favorable cost.

Rewrite the numbers from your favorite comfortable glasses. That's it, you already know your size.

Perhaps your measurements will not fit up to a millimeter, but this is not so terrible – there are permissible deviations:

  • In the size of the lenses + /- 5mm
  • Of the Bridge + /- 1mm
  • Temples+/- 5mm

Most often this happens with sunglasses because they have models with non-standard lens shapes.

A cheat sheet on lens size

  • 55 mm - mini, suitable for teenagers, girls, and guys with narrow faces.
  • 58 mm - standard, designed for a wide mass of people.
  • People with a wider face should pick up glasses with 62 mm lenses.

Signs of incorrectly picked eyeglasses:

If the temples are too long, the glasses will slide off the bridge of the nose, and if they are short, they will be imprinted.

Pressure on your forehead is a sign that the width is too small for the accessory owner.

Nose-pads should not leave marks on the bridge of the nose or squeeze it.

Now it will be much easier for you to buy eyeglasses online. And we suggest you use your knowledge right now on our website.

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