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Talos-Best Fit Sunglasses For Your Outdoor Activities

Talos-Best Fit Sunglasses For Your Outdoor Activities - Torege® Eyewear


Are you tired of breaking the bank for mediocre glasses that always seem to break, scratch or have lack luster performance? Look no further than Torege eyewear. After receiving my Talos and Talos, I instantly can see how these glasses were the best value of any eyewear on the market.


As a bass fisherman, I have tried many different brands of eyewear. After using both cheap and expensive sunglasses, I wasn’t seeing any difference in eye protection. I found myself squinting still and they had an uncomfortable fit. I started not wearing any eye protection while fishing. That was until I found Torege.

I was shocked when I saw the contents of my box. Each pair came with a quality case, straps for high adventure sports, a microfiber cloth and the paperwork to sign up for their lifetime care. I was amazed. For less than 30 USD, I received a more in value than I was used to with other companies.

I am used to glasses fitting too tight to my face and rubbing behind the ears. Torege glasses are soft enough to form to your face and head. They are flexible enough to fit but remain durable. While fishing, I would find myself talking off previous eyewear to give my ears and nose a rest. With Torege glasses, I found myself wearing them all day.

If you are looking for a new pair of glasses that give you a wide frame of view, quality UVA and UVB protection, excellent polarization, are light and comfortable as well as durable for a good price, look no further. These will be your new favorite glasses. I recommend Torege and will be using them this upcoming bass tournament season.

Hayden Frey

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