Clock Stoppers: Customer Review

Clock Stoppers: Customer Review - Torege® Eyewear

My first pair of riding glasses were a pair of Oakley M frames. Thank you Lance Armstrong. I then about five years down the road went with another pair of Oakleys and the model escapes me.  Then ended up in a pair of Smiths that I loved. I was recently gifted a pair of Torege Clock stoppers from my In-Law. 

I was skeptical at first if I am being honest. I thought man these do not offer much coverage. I have worn these glasses a bunch. I was wrong ! I couldn't believe it. I always tend to wear red/orange/fire mirror lenses for riding.  These were blue with white frames. I could not believe the lenses are super clear. The picture is crisp and clean. The frames are light. They are so light in fact I forgot I was wearing them a couple times.  The coverage I was originally worried about was a waste of time. The coverage was perfect it offered the perfect amount of breath-ability so they never fogged. These glasses came with a hard case, two extra lenses (grey and yellow), a soft case that is microfiber for cleaning,  extra nose guards, and lanyard so they don't fall off. 

All in all, I have to say these glasses are impressive.  I am blown away especially at the price point. They start at 29.99 so you can't beat that. I am really amped on these glasses they function perfectly. IT also helps me look pretty fly in them. Peep the pic on the gram.  


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