Why do you need a pair of sports glasses?

Why do you need a pair of sports glasses? - Torege® Eyewear

Welcome to the world of TOREGE, a paradise for global sports eyewear enthusiasts. Maybe you are still hesitating whether you need a pair of sports glasses, it doesn't matter, then I tell you the answer is yes, because sports glasses have many benefits.

1.UV protection

Ultraviolet light is part of the sun's radiation, and we cannot observe the presence of ultraviolet light with the naked eye. Don't think that the sun is not strong in the cloudy sky, the ultraviolet light actually exists in 24 hours.

Our eyes are very easy to absorb the ultraviolet rays in the sun, and the training or competition under the direct sunlight for a long time will cause great damage to the eyes. Long-term overexposure to ultraviolet light may lead to diseases such as chronic conjunctivitis, corneal damage, glaucoma and retinal damage.

Therefore, a high-tech anti-UV coating for professional sports glasses can achieve 95% to 100% filtration of UV rays, preventing UV rays from causing damage to your eyes.

2.Anti-glare illumination

In addition to ultraviolet light, strong light in the sun can cause intense irritation to the eyes. Studies have shown that outdoor solar glare is 25 times that of indoors. The lenses of sports glasses can weaken the glare and provide a comfortable environment for the glasses.

Especially when you suddenly enter a relatively dark environment from a long-time glare, it will cause short-term dizziness or even blindness. Especially in the process of trail running, such an instantaneous change is quite terrible. If you can't see the surrounding environment and can't judge the foothold in time, it can cause danger in sports.

In addition to sunlight and ultraviolet light, irregular light is generated when light passes through uneven roads, water surfaces, etc., commonly known as "glare." The appearance of glare can cause eye discomfort, fatigue, and affect the clarity of the object. Intense glare can even block vision and adversely affect visual quality.

3.protect eyes

Wear sports glasses for outdoor sports, it will be your first line of defense to protect your eyes. It not only helps you to block UV and glare, but also prevents the strong wind from irritating the eyes during rapid exercise. At the same time, sports glasses can also prevent sand, flying insects and branches from causing damage to the eyes.

The lenses of sports glasses have high impact resistance and can ensure that the lens will not be broken and cause secondary damage to the eyes in case of accidental injury. And, the excellent foot cover and nose pad's non-slip breathable design, even if you are in a large amount of exercise and a lot of sweating, can ensure that the frame is not loose.

4.Good dynamic vision

During exercise, the human eye observes the dynamic visual acuity of the road and surrounding conditions, which is much lower than when it is stationary. As some speeds increase, the work of the eyes will become more and more tense.

When the eye works at a high intensity, our vision loss will be relatively obvious, and the range that the eye can see clearly will become narrower and smaller. Also, your visible vision and horizon become worse with increasing speed. If the eye and vision are not well protected, it will be difficult to cope with various situations and it will inevitably lead to accidents.

In day or night, different weather conditions, different environments, the brightness of the light changes constantly during the running process, affecting our vision at all times, and can deal with different weather conditions by wearing glasses lenses of different lens color types.

Or, you can choose a color-changing lens, which can automatically adjust the eye light according to the environment at any time, improve eye comfort, maintain high visual sensitivity, and ensure a clear line of sight. Convenience, eliminating the need to change lenses.

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