How To Choose The sunglasses For Driving?

How To Choose The sunglasses For Driving? - Torege® Eyewear
Let's first figure out why we need glasses for driving. They protect your eyes against UVA, UVB, and UV400 wavelengths The danger of ultraviolet or how to save the eyes., and with the right pair, you can see the surroundings clearly. Also, sunglasses can help to escape accidents caused by poor visibility.

Depending on the time of day and weather, driving glasses can be divided into several types:
  • Dark polarized sunglasses are suitable for daytime driving in the bright sun.
  • Glasses with transparent lenses and anti-glare coating are a standard option but are less comfortable in bright light.
  • Glasses with photochromic lenses change color depending on the illumination, therefore they are considered universal for a sunny day and evening. They can be either with or without diopters.
  • Color-tinted glasses for night driving.
Polarizing glasses
Sunglasses with a polarizing filter protect the eyes from blinding glare that occurs when sunlight is reflected from horizontal surfaces. But due to the low light transmission, it is forbidden to use polarized glasses in the dark.

Anti-glare glasses
Glasses with transparent lenses and anti-glare coating are the most successful solution for those who do not use sunglasses when driving and wear corrective glasses. The illuminating coating of such lenses softens glare from headlights, lanterns, wet roads.
How to choose glasses for night driving?
  • Brown lenses do not change the perception of colors, making the image more contrasting and high-quality. Suitable for driving at dusk.
  • The yellow lenses with 10-15% tinting are good for poor visibility (twilight, fog, rain, nighttime).
Look for comfortable frames that sit naturally — but not too tight — against your face.

Driving glasses are not just a stylish accessory. First of all, it is a functional thing that helps the driver. It is easy to choose them because all Torege sunglasses have the above properties.

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