How to choose sunglasses for the sea

How to choose sunglasses for the sea - Torege® Eyewear
One of the most necessary items to grab when going to the sea is sunglasses. We will try to make your choice easier, and we will tell you what the best glasses should be for protection from the bright sun so that your vacation does not become a disappointment and does not bring undesirable consequences in the form of spoiled vision.

The best sunglasses for the beach season

First of all, we want to warn you against the most common mistakes that many people who are going to relax by the sea make:

You don't have to buy sunglasses the size of a wheel at all. Size is not the main thing here, and if you don't like or don't like too big glasses, then you don't need to buy them just in the hope of high-quality protection. Of course, unnecessarily small lenses, such as narrow futuristic glasses fashionable this season, will not be appropriate here either. It is better to choose models with medium-sized lenses that will suit you.

Do not try to pick up darker and cheaper lenses for your vacation – cheap sunglasses with strong darkening of the lenses also do not provide high-quality protection. They will simply distort your color perception, and it will be very uncomfortable to look through them.

Having figured out which models for a holiday at sea do not need to be chosen, let's move on to what the ideal sunglasses should be for this purpose, and what is most important in them.

First of all, pay attention to the quality of the glasses, and the presence of special coatings on their lenses. The most useful for relaxing on the beach will be the following coating options:

UV filter. The most basic threat to the eyes from the bright sun is ultraviolet radiation. It is it that causes all the pathological changes in the retina that lead to eye diseases. Therefore, of all types of filters for UV protection, you should choose the strongest, which is designated as UV400.

Polarization. Everyone who has ever been to the sea knows how dazzling the glare playing on the waves from the bright sun is. The reflections of the light hurt and watery eyes, and it is simply impossible to look at the water. If you choose glasses that have a special polarizing film in their lenses, then this unpleasant moment will be eliminated. In such glasses, which have the property of extinguishing glare, you can comfortably admire the sea while lying on the beach.

Mirror spraying. Mirrored glasses, in addition to their unusual attractive appearance, have one important feature – reflecting sunlight, they do not heat up at all. They will be very comfortable to be in any heat.

Scratch protection. No matter how careful you are, but it is impossible to protect yourself from sand at sea. Even if you do not put glasses on the beach next to you in the sand, then a sufficient amount of it is carried by the wind, and it can somehow get on the lenses and scratch them. And scratched lenses, according to ophthalmologists, are very harmful to the eyes. Therefore, it is worth buying glasses for the beach that have a protective coating on the lenses that protects against scratches.

You should also pay attention to the degree of darkening of the lenses. To relax on the beach, it is best to choose the 3rd category (marked Cat 3). They will pass only 8-18% of the luminous flux, regardless of their color.

On the beach, it is best to choose models in a plastic frame. It does not heat up as much as metal, it is more elastic and lighter. In addition, the brightness and intricate design of multi-colored plastic frames are more appropriate on vacation, and by themselves can add mood.

In addition to all this, glasses for relaxing at sea should be comfortable, firmly held on the face, does not fall off, and do not press. Well, the color, shape of the lenses and frames - already depends on your personal preferences.

We hope that, following our advice and your taste, you will be able to choose such sunglasses that will make your vacation at sea even more comfortable and joyful on our website. Torege offers a wide selection of high-quality sunglasses with which your eyes will be safe.

The best sunglasses for the sea

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