What is The Anti-Glare Coating?

What is The Anti-Glare Coating? - Torege® Eyewear
There are many different coatings for lenses with additional useful properties. One of these coatings is anti-glare. So what are anti-glare lenses? Lenses with an anti-glare effect are made using a unique layer capable of filtering out light rays, leaving only a yellow sector that is safe for the eyes. Such optics completely absorb blue streams — they cause the most harm to the eyes. The anti-glare coating allows 99.5 percent of available light to reach your eyes, by eliminating glare.

Who needs glasses with anti-glare lenses?
Glasses with anti-glare lenses are necessary for people whose life is connected with sports or risky professions:
-fans of water sports,
-drivers to protect eyes from unexpected flashes, because the loss of visibility at least for a moment is often the cause of major accidents.How To Choose The sunglasses For Driving?

How to choose anti-glare glasses?
Dark. Suitable for driving a car in the daytime and reflecting the light of oncoming car headlights. Protect from UV radiation. Increase visual acuity in foggy weather.
Yellow. Reduces eyestrain. They increase the anti-glare effect in the snow (in the mountains or on a snowy highway).
Brown. Universal - most suitable for drivers, making it easier to focus your gaze in fog, rainy weather, and bright sun.
Colorless. Universal - chameleon safety glasses, suitable for computers. Ineffective in bright sun.
Anti-glare lens care.

1.Store the glasses in a hard case with a soft coating inside;
2.Wipe the lenses with a special cloth or soft cloth;
3.Do not clean the lenses from stains with aggressive detergents;
4.Do not wear glasses without a case in your bag, along with other things - the lenses may be scratched;

You should not save on good glasses, and especially anti-glare ones — the purchase of such optics can save your health. Take care of your health with Torege.

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