The benefits of wearing sunglasses

The benefits of wearing sunglasses - Torege® Eyewear
Sunglasses are fashionable, stylish, and beautiful accessories. But often, when choosing a new pair of glasses, people forget that their main function is not to create an image but to protect the eyes from harmful radiation and too bright light. Or they believe that if they are called sunscreens, then any model has protective properties, and when choosing, they pay attention only to external data.
Do all sunglasses benefit, or are there also those that can cause harm? In this article we will tell you:
what is the use of such an accessory;
which sunglasses are useful;
in which cases it is harmful to wear them.

What are the benefits of sunglasses?
Let's look at what sunglasses are useful for and what benefits you get from wearing them:
The main enemy of vision is ultraviolet, which is blocked by sunglasses and keeps your eyes from its harmful effects. Since clouds do not interfere with ultraviolet radiation, it is useful to wear such an accessory at any time of the year.

Even if you do not take into account UV radiation, excessively bright light itself is harmful to the eyes, causes discomfort and even headache. In this case, the benefits of wearing sunglasses are undeniable. They will take the load off your eyes and allow you to stay comfortably in the sun.

The sensitive skin around the eyes, protected by lenses, is not exposed to ultraviolet light, and the eyes themselves are not irritated, and you do not have to squint constantly. These factors reduce the risk of premature appearance of wrinkles – "crow's feet".

Even the weakest breeze can raise dust, and if it intensifies, pebbles, twigs, and other objects that can damage the eyes begin to fly in the air. By protecting them with sunglasses, you can not be afraid of injury from small debris or sand brought by the wind.

Appearance is also important, and not only for women but also for men. A stylish elegant accessory can become a real highlight of your image. It will give you a feeling of self-confidence, and this is also very useful for mood and self-esteem.
It is necessary to choose sunglasses depending on the conditions in which you will wear them and for how long. If an accessory is selected incorrectly or used for other purposes, it can cause discomfort or even harm health. Therefore, it is very important to know which sunglasses will be useful to wear in your case.
Degree of darkening

Some brands refer to this indicator as to the "filter category" or "darkening". Sunglasses have 5 degrees of darkening, and for each case, it is necessary to choose the appropriate category:
0 - the image ones can be worn indoors or in cloudy weather;
1 - suitable for spring and autumn when the sun is not shining too brightly;
2 - for daily wear in the city in clear weather;
3 - for relaxing on the beach, where the sun shines quite brightly;
4 - appropriate near water or in the mountains, where the brightness of the sun is enhanced by glare from snow and the water surface.
Necessary protective coatings.

Do not think that for reliable eye protection you just need to wear darker sunglasses. Lenses must have a special coating that blocks ultraviolet radiation - at least UV380, and even better – UV400.
It is thanks to the coating that blocks UV rays that sunglasses become really useful for the eyes.
For drivers, fishermen, and those who plan to relax by the water or at a ski resort, it is better to choose glasses with an additional polarizing coating. It blocks horizontal rays of light, that is, glare, and makes the image clearer and more contrasting.
Lens color
The most useful and comfortable lenses for the eyes are gray, brown, green, and black. Drivers at dusk or in bad weather need to wear yellow or orange lenses that improve and "clarify" visibility.
If you wear high-quality sunglasses, with the necessary degree of protection and the optimal color of the lenses, then they will only benefit you.
When and which sunglasses are harmful to the eyes?
As we have already found out, properly selected high-quality sunscreen accessories are useful. And now let's look at whether sunglasses can be harmful, and which of them are the most dangerous to wear:
Darkened without UV filters. Low-quality sunglasses, which are sold on layouts, have only painted lenses, without a protective coating. Wearing such an accessory is not just pointless, but also very harmful. The pupils under the darkened lens will expand, and even more harmful ultraviolet light will get into them.
With an uncomfortable lens color. Some models of sunglasses are created for a purely decorative purpose, and it is harmful to walk in them for a long time. For example, blue and red glasses greatly distort color reproduction, and their constant wearing can cause rapid eye fatigue and irritation of the nervous system.

In addition, even the highest quality glasses with a useful lens color can become harmful to vision if you walk in them for too long without taking them off indoors or in the dark. Photophobia can develop from such constant wearing, and the eyes, accustomed to protection, will completely lose the ability to cope with the streams of sunlight on their own. As a result, being outdoors without the usual accessory will cause discomfort and can lead to burns of the retina.

Choose the accessory correctly, use it wisely, and it will bring you only benefit, comfort, and good mood. Torege is always ready to help with that. We always provide the most protectable and high-quality sunglasses. In our online store, you can find any sunglasses of any taste and color.

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