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Torege lenses technology - Torege® Eyewear
Since we provide all types of sunglasses for any sport, we pay attention to lenses technology carefully. We use a variety of technologies to eliminate the problems with light that were discussed in the previous section. Let us walk through this process.

Lenses filter categories

There are 5 types of filter categories
0- Indoor, night. Transmittance goes between 80-100%
Best for dark conditions such as sunset, night snowy or cloudy
1- flat light. Luminous tinted lens. Luminous of transmittance goes between 43-80%
Best for flat light conditions, increase contrast, and brighten up the landscape.
2- Moderate sunlight. Luminous of transmittance goes between 18-43%
Best for bright days, all-around lens increase contrast
3- Strong sunlight. Luminous of transmittance goes between 8-18%
Best for bright conditions
4. Extreme sunlight. Luminous of transmittance goes between 3-8%
Best for exceptionally strong sunlight.

Ultraviolet filter - 100% UV400 protection

Eye protection is essential; for example, easily visible hazards such as dirt, sand, and oil. But what about the hazards that you can't easily see? Such as ultraviolet light? Exposure to ultraviolet light can cause serious eye damage, such as macular degeneration or cataracts on the cornea of the eye. THE UV protection layer of TOREGE lenses completely blocks all ultraviolet rays up to 400 NM, while allowing useful light to pass through the eyes.

Regardless of sunlight or cloud conditions, our UV400 lenses block light with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers-including all harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC.

High-definition enhanced filter polarizer

The headache-inducing glare may ruin your mood throughout the day. The light reflected by puddles, and even flat areas on the golf course often affect the performance of golfers. Anglers know that the reflection of the water surface is the best barrier for prey, and it is also the reason why they failed in fishing. Glare also poses risks for drivers. Bicyclists on the road understand how glare hides and hides potholes on the road.
Anyone who loves skiing or snowboarding can tell you how glare interferes with their performance. Therefore, we develop high-definition polarized lens technology not only for outstanding athletes but also for everyone. Because people who like to enjoy the sun, whether they are sports champions or weekend warriors, have the opportunity to encounter glare.


Scratches on sunglasses lenses can have a negative impact on vision. Each TOREGE lens has a special hard-coated protective coating, which mainly provides a scratch-resistant finish; it increases impact resistance and helps to extend the life of the lens. TOREGE lenses have a precise hard coating that helps prevent scratches so that sunglasses wearers can enjoy their TOREGE sunglasses for a long time. Ultimate durability, long-lasting and clear vision.

Anti-fog technology

Special lens surface treatment technology is used to apply an anti-fog coating inside the lens to prevent condensation and moisture accumulation, which can effectively block fog and keep the lens clean at all times. The service life is up to 1 year, allowing your lenses to be fog-free and worry-free.

Oil-proof and antifouling-proof technology + hydrophobic

The patented technology adopts ultra-thin nano-coating technology to improve the smoothness of the lens, effectively prevent lens pollution such as oil stains, sweat stains, fingerprints, etc., the process is stable and does not affect the optical performance, and it is resistant to wiping.
Our high-quality hydrophobic + oleophobic treatment ensures that water, oil, and dirt fall off the lens. This treatment also has antifouling properties, provides additional protection for the mirror coating, and ensures worry-free lens maintenance.

Ventilation technology

Our ventilation controllers are designed to regulate airflow to reduce thermal shock and prevent fog, ensuring perfect vision and comfortable ventilation.
Because not all glasses have an anti-fog layer, air vents are added to some all-in-one lenses to physically prevent fog.

We hope, that this information about our lenses technology helped you to understand more about sunglasses, and will help you to choose the right sunglasses. But this is just a small part of our technology, the best content is coming. Stay tuned!

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