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How to choose sunglasses for female face shape

How to choose sunglasses for female face shape - Torege® Eyewear
Glasses will help make the face wider or narrower, visually reduce the length of the nose and balance the proportions. How to choose glasses according to the shape of the face to look stylish? Don't worry, we will know it in today's article.
  1. Oval face
The oval face has the correct proportions, slightly elongated vertically. The widest part of the face is the cheekbones. The forehead is slightly wider than the jaw. How to match sunglasses to an oval face? Owners of this form will not have much difficulty, because almost any model will suit them. The main thing is not to violate the ideal proportions of the face, so avoid too massive glasses. It is better if the width of the frame is equal to the width of the face or slightly wider. Pay attention to the upper part of the frame coinciding with the eyebrow line.

Suitable for oval face shape:
Frames of smooth shape: rectangular, oval, round.
Butterfly glasses.
"Cat" frames.

  1. Round face.
To choose the right glasses according to the rounded shape of the face, you need to choose options that visually lengthen it, bringing it closer to the oval. Rectangular and square frames, as well as those with sharpened corners, are well suited for this.

Suitable for round face shape:
sharpened, rectangular, square glasses.
"Cat" frames.
Butterfly glasses.
Glasses with a narrow bridge of the nose.
  1. Square face
Rectangular or square sharp shapes will overload the face. Rounded frames will help visually balance and soften the proportions of the face.

Suitable for a square face shape:
Large glasses.
Glasses whose rim width is equal to the width of the face.
Glasses with colored frames.
Oval, round, teardrop-shaped frames.
Rimless glasses.
"Cat" frames.

  1. Heart-shaped face
The task is to balance the upper part of the face, weighing down the lower one. Therefore, you need to avoid massive frames. Choose glasses whose width is equal to the width of the face, preferably teardrop-shaped.

Suitable for heart-shaped face:
Rounded, round glasses.
Small frames with a narrow jumper.
Low-set arches.
Rimless glasses.
Light and neutral glasses color.
  1. Triangle face
To choose the shape of glasses for a woman with this type of face, you should follow the rule of balancing a wide top and a narrow bottom. Rounded frames with a low fit are best suited for this.

Suitable for triangular face shape:
Round glasses without bright decorations.
"Cat" frames with light glass.
Rimless glasses.

  1. Rhombus (diamond) shaped face
Women with this type of face need to try to achieve a visual narrowing of the cheekbones and an expansion of the forehead to bring the rhombus closer to the oval.

Suitable for diamond face shape:
choose oval, round or square sunglasses
"Aviators" should also be in the arsenal.
The glasses of all the listed models must be no wider than your cheekbones, otherwise, they will have the opposite effect.
After these recommendations, it will be much easier for a girl to choose the right glasses according to the shape of her face than if she tries on all the available options in the store in a row. Even more, such knowledge will be useful to those who are going to buy sunglasses in an online store.
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