Top 5 sports where you need to wear sunglasses.

Top 5 sports where you need to wear sunglasses. - Torege® Eyewear
Choosing sunglasses for sports, you need to be very well aware of the specifics of a particular sport, not forgetting that vision correction may be required, not forgetting that it is not enough just to buy yourself bright, spectacular sports glasses of a well-known brand: you need to choose a product that will provide the necessary comfort and safety.
In the sports world, eye protection involves an individual approach and there are certain sports that simply need sunglasses.
Let's look at 5 types of sports activities where it is necessary to protect the eyes and what kind of sunglasses would fit them well.

1. Runners and cyclists

Runners and cyclists simply need to protect their eyes from the sun, as well as from various insects or dust. For lovers of running and cycling, maximum comfort will be created by the lightest frames, tightly fitting to the face, with elongated lenses. Such sunglasses are available with special slots in the lenses to ensure good ventilation by optimizing the flow of incoming air.

2. Fishermen

Water is one of the substances with the greatest reflectivity. Getting on its surface, the sun's rays "scatter" literally in different directions, dazzle the eyes and create sparkling ripples impenetrable to sight.

Therefore, polarizing glasses are the most essential accessory for fishermen. Only polarized glasses are needed since other ordinary glasses cannot protect against harmful light.

3. Golfers

Of particular importance when playing golf is the ability to freely focus on an object at one point. So golfers are recommended to purchase accessories with interchangeable lenses in semi-rimless or rimless frames. Such sunglasses easily eliminate glare, allow you to change the glasses depending on the weather, and are light in weight.

4. Climbers

At high altitudes, due to the very high level of solar radiation, ultraviolet radiation can affect our visual organs: the cornea or retina. Moreover, the lesion is sometimes so severe that it leads to temporary blindness. Therefore, when entering the high-altitude area, each person should have sunglasses.

Polarizing glasses are suitable for climbers to protect against reflected bright light in a frame with wide arches (to exclude side illumination).

6. For outdoor activities

You don't have to be a professional athlete to lead an active lifestyle. You may be a fishing enthusiast. to run in the morning to maintain health, you also need to take care of your eyes. And it doesn't matter if it's winter or summer. In this case, you can choose the most comfortable and, of course, suitable sunglasses for your face, taking into account your preferences.

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