How to maintain sports sunglasses?

How to maintain sports sunglasses? - Torege® Eyewear

Brilliant sunglasses can keep you active in the sun, but you can't avoid pollution damage, so take care of your sports glasses!

1、Do not touch chemical substances such as perfumes and insecticides to avoid chemical corrosion of lenses and frames and better protect your glasses.After use, please wipe the sports glasses and put them into the glasses bag for proper storage. Do not store them with hard objects or sharp objects to avoid scratching the lenses or topcoats.

2、Please wipe with professional glasses wiping cloth before use. If necessary, rinse with professional detergent. Note: glasses with polarized lenses cannot be cleaned with ultrasonic and water, otherwise the polarizing effect will be destroyed.

3、Please use both hands to wear glasses. If you use too much force when you are one-handed, it may cause deformation and breakage of the frame.

4、Do not leave your sports glasses in a high temperature environment for a long time, and do not immerse your sports glasses in water for a long time.

5、Place your sports glasses in a special eyeglass bag when you are not using's important to keep your glasses clean at all times, or it will affect your view.

6、If your sports glasses are used for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be scratches and dark spots. It is recommended that you replace the glasses or lenses in time. If you need to change the lenses, please go to the professional glasses to choose or contact the manufacturer directly.

The glasses with space lenses have the function of not breaking or cracking, which can ensure your safety in professional sports, but it is easier to scratch than other materials.

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