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Glasses For Big Noses - Torege® Eyewear

If you look closely at the faces, you will notice that the facial features are not always proportional. It's all about the details that create the overall picture - hairstyle, makeup, and accessories.

Sometimes just the right glasses will be able to change your appearance for the better. If you have a big nose, then you can make it smaller by the right shape of the frame.

How to do it:

  • Models with bright frame colors and original design will distract attention from a big nose. The more attention is focused on the glasses, the less attention will be paid to the nose.

Sunglasses from the Iceman series are bright and colorful. Be assured, all attention will be focused on your glasses and their ultra-grip nose pads ensure a securefit.

  • A wide frame will visually make the nose narrower and smaller. A thin metal frame or rimless version, on the contrary, makes the nose even bigger.

  • Glasses with a simple massive bridge will suit people with big noses. The pretentious or too narrow shape of the bridge will focus attention on what you want to hide.

Try on our Cratos and Talos eyewear. Their adaptive hinges can be adjusted freely according to the wearer’s face shape, making the wearing experience more comfortable and free.

As you can see, the right pair of eyeglasses can balance out your facial features. If you know which frame will suit you, then this little defect will become completely invisible to others.

Explore our website to find sunglasses that best suit your distinctive characteristics, for a feeling of comfort and confidence.

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