Why do sunglasses fog-up & How to fix it?

Why do sunglasses fog-up & How to fix it? - Torege® Eyewear
Glasses are a stylish accessory that favorably emphasizes the created image. They can be worn for different reasons, at different times and on different occasions. Unfortunately, they fog up quickly. What is the reason?
Sudden temperature change. In winter, the air temperature in any room is warmer than outside. When you enter a warm room from the cold, water vapor from the warm air settles on the surface of the cold lenses in the form of small droplets. Condensation forms.
During sports. Again, there is a temperature difference leading to fogging.
Fog. With high humidity, condensation on the lenses will form not only indoors, but even outdoors.

How to deal with it?
  • Buy sunglasses with ventilation or special holes to circulate the air and avoid fogging. On our website, you can easily find them.
  • Buy sunglasses with a special anti-fog coating. You can try on our Sunset goggles. They are anti-fog and scratch-resistant. 
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  • Wear a face shield. A face shield–sometimes a scarf; other times, a specific cold shield that is actually intended for covering your mouth and nose, decreasing the amount of water vapor that is able to reach your glasses.
  • There are special anti-fogging products. They can be presented in the form of lens sprays and wipes. This is very convenient since you can always take them with you and treat the surface of the glasses at any time.
  • There are also folk remedies that prevent fogging:
Solid soap. With a dry piece of ordinary soap, smear the lenses from the outside and inside. Then wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth/napkin. Due to this, a protective film is formed on the surface, which prevents fogging.
Liquid soap, shower gel, shampoo. Dissolve the soap in water, wet a cloth in the resulting solution, wipe both surfaces of the lenses with it, let them dry, gently wipe dry.
Glycerin is a proven pharmacy remedy for fogging lenses. Rub the glasses with glycerin on both sides, dry, and polish the surface.

What you don't need to use?
Yeah, it is not always at hand a special soft napkin to wipe the misted glasses. And then people start wiping eyewear with any clothes. This is strictly not recommended. Coarse fabric can easily scratch the lenses and the appearance will be permanently ruined. Therefore, try to wipe with a micro fiber cloth – it is very compact, does not take up much space, but will be very useful.
  • Also, it is very important to know that using car anti-foggers for glasses is unacceptable! Their composition is not intended to be close to the eyes. Poisonous aggressive fumes can harm your eyesight.

We hope our tips were useful to you, buy sunglasses on our website to check them.

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