What are the sunglasses with tinted lenses?

What are the sunglasses with tinted lenses? - Torege® Eyewear

Sunglasses with tinted lenses have two main functions: practical and aesthetic. As for their practical purpose, they allow limiting the light flux and reducing the strain on the eyesight. This type of glasses is recommended to wear during:

  • Driving a car;
  • Exercising sports activities;
  • Prolonged computer work;
  • Eye conditions such as glaucoma, photophobia, etc.

Aesthetically, these glasses can be used to conceal signs of fatigue, under-eye circles, etc., or simply add a stylish accessory to your look.

Types of sunglasses lens tinting

Lenses can be tinted either solid or gradient. The solid color effectively protects the eye from the sun's rays and is normally used in the manufacture of sunglasses. A peculiarity of gradient tinting is a smooth transition from a darker shade to a lighter one, they are most often used as image accessories.

The choice of color of tinted sunglasses with or without dioptres depends on the requirements and wishes of the buyer, each shade has its functional features. We offer 9 colors and shades of tinted lenses for spectacles:

    • grey;
    • brown;
    • green;
    • orange;
    • yellow;
    • red;
    • pink;
    • blue.

Characteristics of different colored lenses

Different colored lenses have different characteristics and are relevant in different situations.

Grey lenses create uniform color reproduction across the entire range of vision. They do not distort colors and are popular with artists and designers. Suitable for daily wear.

Brown lenses create high contrast, provide high perception sharpness and visual acuity. Their structure contains tiny particles that trap blue waves.

Green lenses create a therapeutic effect, that is why tinted lenses for spectacles with dioptres are often green. Wearing such glasses allows lowering the intraocular pressure which is especially important for patients with glaucoma, causing a feeling of comfort.

Orange lenses are favored by athletes as they enhance contrast and depth of vision. In winter sports they optimize your perception of the track topography even in poor visibility conditions. Recommended for drivers.

Yellow tinted lenses for spectacles reduce visual strain by absorbing the blue color and transmitting other colors. Like the orange lens, these lenses improve visibility in the twilight, fog, etc.

Red-colored lenses tone and mobilize the visual organs by increasing intraocular pressure and arousing the nervous system, they can be worn when you want to improve your performance.

Pink lenses may be used in low light conditions and for prolonged computer work, as they enhance color contrast and reduce strain on your eyesight.

Purple lenses are ideal for use outdoors during the summer months as they enhance contrast against a blue and green background.

Violet and blue lenses are recommended for sunny days as they more effectively filter out the yellow and orange light than other colored lenses without affecting color rendering.

Torege provides all types of tinted sunglasses. You literally will find any color for any activities. Check our website out.

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