Sunglasses Maintenance: The Dos and Don'ts Every Sunglasses Owner Should Know

Sunglasses Maintenance: The Dos and Don'ts Every Sunglasses Owner Should Know

It's no secret that a good pair of sunglasses can make or break your whole look. But what's even more important than finding the perfect pair of shades is taking care of them properly. Just like any other piece of clothing or accessory, sunglasses require a little bit of maintenance to keep them looking their best. 

So, if you're not sure how to take care of your sunglasses, don't worry! In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know about sunglasses maintenance, from the dos and don'ts to the best way to store them. By the time you're done reading, you'll be a pro at taking care of your sunglasses and making sure they last for years to come.

1. Do’s & Don’ts For Sunglasses

It's no secret that sunglasses have become a staple in today's fashion. The right pair of sunglasses can add to your professional and personal look, while the wrong ones could detract from it. Even those without weak eyesight are opting for clear glasses now. 

1.1  The Dos Of Sunglasses Maintenance

Cleaning: It's easy to keep your sunglasses looking great with a little bit of daily care. Make sure you clean them regularly with a lens cloth and a combination of mild soap and lukewarm water—just don't forget to rinse off the soap afterward. For extra disinfection, use a drop of lotion-free dishwashing liquid on each lens and rub it in for at least 30 seconds. 

Do you want to know the best way to clean your sunglasses? Our blog post explores how dishwashing detergent can provide a thorough and effective cleaning solution.

Storage: To keep your shades safe and prevent them from damage, store your sunglasses in a cool, dry area. Keep them away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat to maintain their shape and material. Also, make sure they remain in an environment with lower humidity levels. Keep dirt and dust out of your eyewear by using organizing boxes that can be personalized to fit your lifestyle. Even if you use sunglasses regularly, box organizers are the best way to keep them safe year-round!

Repairs: If you're finding your glasses in need of repair, don't fret! Even when your frame is metal, some specialized eyeglass shops have the tools and proficiency in welding it back together. Plastic frames may be salvageable through gluing, however, it's important to take caution that no adhesive included reaches the lenses. Additionally, taking a look at any warranties associated with your frame purchase can help. If your glasses arm falls off, emergency kits stocked at optometrists and pharmacies make the process swift and easy.

In an extreme case where you don't have a repair kit on hand or if you don't want to buy one just yet, a thin toothpick can act as an emergency substitute for the missing screw! Furthermore, in cases of a broken nose pad – which is typical – using a screwdriver from an eyeglass repair kit should do the trick; alongside replacing damaged nose pads with new ones - either previously available in your repair kit or bought from resources. Of course, consulting with where you originally bought them would be ideal for great security and long-lasting quality.

Protection: Taking simple steps can help ensure your sunglasses stay protected in any environment! Always put your glasses in a hard-shell case when you’re not wearing them, and make sure the case fits properly. When taking off or putting on your sunglasses, use both hands and make sure to keep the frames close to your nose so they don’t become misaligned. That way, even if you take all the necessary cleansing precautions - like cleaning lenses with a microfiber cloth before and after use - these efforts will be more effective if the glasses are properly positioned. 

1.2  The Don'ts of Sunglasses Maintenance

Cleaning: Moisturising soaps are best avoided though since they might leave residue behind that could damage your lenses over time. To protect sunglasses from damage, never try to wipe lenses when they're dry! Use the right cleaning cloth and don't use tissues or paper towels that have a rough surface. Additionally, avoid using bleach, ammonia, vinegar, or glass cleaner on your sunglasses as this could negatively affect their coating and harm them. Finally, no matter how tempting it is, don't spit on your lenses!

Our blog post titled "How to Clean Sunglasses: 8 Easy Steps" offers simple steps for cleaning sunglasses. 

Storage: Don't wear wire-framed sunglasses on the top of your nose and top of your head, as this can cause them to bend out of shape over time. Don't put unprotected sunglasses in your purse, pocket, or bag. Leave your glasses on a flat surface so they're not exposed to oils, sprays, and cosmetics. Plus, be sure to leave your eyewear at room temperature--and far away from the dashboard of a hot car! 

Are you looking for ways to properly store your sunglasses? Our blog has the answers. Check out "How to Store Sunglasses & What to Avoid" to help protect your favorite shades. 

Repairs: When fixing or repairing your sunglasses, don’t put extra pressure on your sunglasses. Don't utilize tissues and be mindful when applying glue. Avoid using faulty tools and screws. By paying attention to any faulty structures such as weak hinges, scratched frames, distorted lenses, etc., you can prevent further harm to your sunglasses.

Protection: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and if they get wet, dry them off as soon as possible. Also, try not to drop them so you don’t risk cracking the lenses or breaking the frame.  never leave them in direct sunlight for too long as this could cause fading of the lenses. Moreover, avoid cleaning with rough materials such as paper towels or tissues as this could scratch and damage the lenses. 

Tips And Tricks For Sunglasses Maintenance

There are five simple ways you can keep your eyewear in prime condition! Make sure to get the most out of your glasses or sunglasses with these tips: 

First, never wipe your frames without first wetting them down. Instead, rinse them with water for a long-lasting sparkle. When storing your eyewear, make sure to store it in a safe and cushioned spot; you don't want it getting dented or overheated! Be sure to clean and adjust as necessary regularly - this will prevent any permanent damage. Lastly, don't pull at the bridge of the frame when adjustments are needed. That's one sure way to ruin an otherwise great pair of frames! 

What’s more, investing in a great pair of sunglasses is worth it. And taking good care of them means they’ll last longer and look better for years to come. To help you, here are some answers to common questions about looking after your sunnies: 

How do I protect my sunglasses? Store them in the case that comes with your glasses and make sure to always clean them off after you are done wearing them. You should also use lens-cleaning wipes or lotion when necessary. 

How do you take care of cheap sunglasses? Avoiding excessive heat, moisture, and stretching will help! Cleaning lenses with mild soap and water when necessary helps maintain your third-party branded sunglasses. 

How can I make my sunglasses shiny again? If lenses have gotten dull over time, a special polish formulated for sunglass lenses is usually needed to restore the original luster; but cleaning cloths can assist with buffing away fingerprints or smudges. Also, an appropriate factory polish used for eyeglasses can bring back shine on scratched or dulled sunglass frames too; however, check the manufacturer's guidelines before doing so as some newer methods may rely much less on actual polishing. 

What material should be used to clean sunglasses? For ultimate protection from scratching, using only dedicated sunglass microfiber cloths designed by reputable brands – just like the ones that often come packaged along with new frames – is best practice; ordinary paper towels cause more scratches than good. 


Don't let the bright sun ruin your vision! Investing in a pair of stylish and protective sunglasses is one of the best things you can do to ensure your eyes stay healthy. Fortunately, taking care of them isn't as hard as you might think. We've compiled an easy-to-follow guide on how to keep your sunglasses looking great and safe for years.

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