How To Choose Sunglasses According to Your Lifestyle

How To Choose Sunglasses According to Your Lifestyle - Torege® Eyewear

Since people usually recognize you by your face, the glasses you choose become part of your image. If you want to look sophisticated, fun, young, conservative, or stylish, the right glasses can help you shape your image.

What do your glasses say about you?

The most important thing is to find the right eyeglass frame that will fit your lifestyle. The first step, according to style experts, is to take into account various aspects of your life.

Who are you - a businessman leading a dynamic lifestyle, a lover of outdoor activities, a busy mom, a pensioner, or a student? Are you a creative person, for example, an artist or a writer? Or, like most people, does your lifestyle include many different activities, interests, and personal qualities?

Glasses for businessmen

In order to inspire confidence and trust in a wide range of your business clients and colleagues, it is usually better to stick to conservative frame shapes and colors.

  • The classic shapes - oval, rectangular and almond-shaped.
  • The traditional colors - golden and silver, brown, gray, and black.
  • Avoid bright colors or unusual shapes.

Silver, bronze, gold, brown, and black tones are recommended for business clothes because they can be worn and combined with business suits.

Glasses show off your creative and modern style

One way to demonstrate your creative and fashionable side is to use modern forms, for example, geometric patterns on thicker and larger plastic frames. Many modern metal frames can also have original forms.

Glasses for an active lifestyle

For maximum comfort in a sporty lifestyle, you should have at least one pair of sports sunglasses.

Models can range from streamlined frames to frames in brighter colors or modern combinations of metal and plastic.

An important factor in sports glasses are lenses:

  1. The polarizing lenses of sunglasses reduce the glare of light reflected from the water.
  2. Always choose an anti-glare coating for your lenses. This transparent coating eliminates annoying reflections, improves vision in the dark, and allows people to see better. Read our article about an anti-glare coating to find out more information. What is The Anti-Glare Coating?
  3. If you are looking for thinner, lighter, and more attractive lenses, choose polycarbonate lenses or plastic lenses with a high refractive index with an aspherical design.
  4. Photochromic lenses, which automatically darken in the sun, are an excellent choice if you spend time outside and do not want to always carry sunglasses with you.

Definitely, glasses are an accessory that emphasizes your personality. And now knowing how to choose glasses for your lifestyle, you will always look flawless. If you are a lover of an active lifestyle, then you are not just on our website and reading our article, we are sure that you will find a pair of excellent sunglasses for yourself here.

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