How to check sunglasses for polarization?

How to check sunglasses for polarization? - Torege® Eyewear

How to check polarizing glasses?

When buying sunglasses, sellers often ask a leading question about which model you want - with or without polarization. And naturally, those who do not know what polarized glasses mean cannot answer this question.

To begin with, let's eliminate the lack of information about this: polarizing glasses are those that have an additional coating on the lens or a layer in it (a polarizing filter) that can block / reflect horizontal sunlight (glare).

Why do I need polarization in glasses?

This property can significantly make life easier for drivers who are driving in sunny weather, as well as for those who spend time near reservoirs (rest, swimming, fishing) and skiing on a clear day.

Do you need polarization in sunglasses if you don't belong to these categories of people? Let's just say that increased comfort and eye safety are never superfluous. Therefore, you should have at least one polarizing sunscreen accessory in reserve. It was not by chance that we remembered about the financial opportunity – as a rule, such models are much more expensive than usual, but Torege offers a wide selection of glasses with polarization at affordable prices.

So, what gives polarization in glasses, we figured out. It remains to find out how to determine whether the glasses are polarized or not, in order to make sure that the seller's words are true, assuring you that it is in the model offered to you.

Ways to check glasses for polarization

  1. In most large stores with a wide range of sunscreen accessories, a tester is provided to check the polarization of glasses. It represents an image that should change in a certain way if you look at it at points with this property. If there is such a test, it is easier to check the polarization glasses:

    • at the image without glasses;
    • dress them up;
    • to see or not to see the result;
    • to conclude that the lenses of the tested product have this property.

    We definitely put such a tester to the set for each glasses, so you can check the glasses for polarization immediately.

  2. Another test for the polarization of glasses can also be carried out directly in the store (or at home, if there are more with polarized lenses). Its essence is to:

    • take two models with the presumed presence of polarization;
    • combine them with end-to-end lenses;
    • mentally draw the axis through the center of the left or right lenses;
    • rotate one of the glasses at an angle of 90° while trying to keep the axis drawn (that is, the lens centers should still match);
    • look at the center of the combined lenses – it should become darker than it was in the original position (if there is polarization in both lenses).
  3. You can check the polarizing glasses at home using a conventional computer monitor or a tablet / smartphone screen, which must necessarily be LCD (liquid crystal). You will need to perform just a few simple steps:

    • place the glasses in front of the switched-on screen at a distance of 0.3-0.4 m;
    • start turning them while continuing to hold the lenses parallel to the monitor;
    • to assess the degree of darkening of the lenses in the vertical position of the glasses – they should become significantly darker or even opaque.

If you made a purchase without checking the glasses for polarization

These recommendations will always help you make the right choice if you are just getting ready to buy. But what if you have already bought them without conducting any of the tests, because you did not know how to check the polarizing glasses?

In this case, the described test with an LCD monitor can still help. If there is no such possibility, it remains to believe in the decency of the person who sold them to you, and hope that you got at least a high-quality fake. In the worst case, checking the glasses for polarization will eventually happen by itself – in cheap copies, the polarization filter is rarely inserted inside the lenses and most often is a thin film glued on top, which peels off quite quickly. But of course, it's best to buy glasses from trusted brands to always be calm. that your eyes are safe.

Torege has been providing only high-quality glasses for more than 10 years, many of them with polarization, which you can find on our website.

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