5 running accessories that will make training easier

5 running accessories that will make training easier - Torege® Eyewear
Everyone knows that running requires a comfortable pair of sneakers, comfortable clothes for the season, and you can start your journey for a long distance. But there are irreplaceable accessories, without which playing sports can become quite challenging.

1.Water bottle

Water will definitely come in handy during training, especially on long distances in summer. Depending on your preferences and the required amount of liquid, you can choose both a small bottle with a handle and a volumetric drinking system.
A simpler bottle (200-500 ml) is suitable for short runs, you will have to hold it in your hand or fasten it on your belt. A drinking system or one soft flask with an extension tube will be needed for trail running and marathons. It can hold from 500 ml to several liters of liquid. The bottle or tube should have a convenient valve that does not let water through during active movements.

2.Waist bag

For jogging on the street, you may need a waist bag that will fit a smartphone, keys, and other small things. It does not restrict movement, fits snugly to the body, and does not distract while running. Usually, such bags have a flat shape and are securely closed with a zipper.
Simple models have only one compartment, but it may be enough for all the necessary things.

3.Running Sunglasses

Running eyewear performs one function – eye protection. Many people may feel uncomfortable wearing sunglasses, which are perceived as a hindrance. But if you choose this accessory correctly, it will not cause discomfort.
Running glasses are needed to protect the eyes from the sun, glare of light reflected from snow or water, to protect against branches, dirt, precipitation, insects – from everything that can disrupt the pace of running and cause trouble.
Running sunglasses are most often made of grilamide, a lightweight plastic that is perfect for this sports accessory.

Good running glasses have UV protection, as a rule, on both sides of the lenses - inside and outside. Look for the abbreviations UVA and UVB. The darkening is indicated by numbers from 1 to 4 - from a light tone to a darker one.
It is better not to save on running glasses. Firstly, under low-quality plastic, the face will sweat a lot. Secondly, bad quality models are not technologically advanced and will not sit well on your head.
Torege offers a wide selection of running sunglasses. Read about the best running sunglasses from Torege

4.Buffs for running

A versatile and extremely useful accessory for running both in winter and summer, which is a "tube" of fabric.
From the buff, you can make a hat, a headband, a balaclava, a collar. It can be used separately from the cap or together with it.
If the buff is used in winter, then the fleece part is worn around the neck and protects from the cold. The thin part can be stretched under the chin, on the chin, and even on the ears.
In winter, at very low temperatures, it is recommended to cover the mouth and nose with a buff to protect the respiratory tract from frost. In summer, the buff can be fixed under the cap to protect the neck from sunburn and overheating.
The size is always universal.

5.Caps and visors

The headdress protects the head from cold, rain, wind, sun.
The cap is best used to protect against rain, sunlight falling on the face, and the scorching sun, baking the head. Running visors protect your face from the sun's rays.
When choosing a cap or visor, it is most important to pay attention to the material. The fabric must be natural or mixed. Here it is just more important to prevent overheating of the head and the greenhouse effect, so pure synthetics will not work. At the same time, pure cotton will get wetter from sweat or rain and will dry more slowly.
It is also important to choose the right size so that the cap fits snugly on the head and does not fly off because of the wind. To find out the size of the head, you need to measure the circumference of the head with a centimeter, retreating two centimeters above the eyebrows, and draw a ribbon along the most protruding part of the nape.

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