4 common mistakes when choosing sunglasses

4 common mistakes when choosing sunglasses - Torege® Eyewear
Sunglasses are not only a stylish accessory that emphasizes beauty. Their main mission is much more serious – they must protect the eyes and skin from the sun's rays.

Few people suspect that ultraviolet light can lead to serious eye diseases, so you need to know how to choose good eyewear, especially if you are actively engaged in outdoor sports.
Torege will tell you what mistakes should not be made when buying sunglasses.

1. Ignoring protection

For the glasses to protect your eyes and skin from sunlight, you need to pay attention to the protection filter indicator. There are five categories of sun protection:

0 - pass up to 80% of the sun's rays, so they are better worn in cloudy weather;

1 - about 43-80% of the light penetrates through them, suitable as a stylish accessory;

2 - a block from 18 to 43% of the light;

3 - reliably protect from the influence of ultraviolet rays;

4 - sunglasses with this level of protection are designed for the aggressive southern sun.

Also, sunglasses may have CE or UV 400 marks on them, which indicate that they reliably protect against UV rays. All of our sunglasses have full-spectrum UV protection.

2. Buying sunglasses in questionable places

To maintain eye health, you need to make sure that you buy glasses from trusted brands that provide only high-quality glasses with UV protection. High-quality glasses have lenses made of very high-quality materials that can provide better visibility even in bad weather conditions. They do not fog up and do not get wet in rain or fog. Torege’s sunglasses match all these parameters.

3. Not paying attention to the comfort of wearing

If you are actively involved in sports, you understand how important it is to buy sunglasses that do not protect your eyes from harmful UV rays but are also comfortable. For each sport, you need to choose glasses with certain parameters. For example, for running and cycling, it is advisable to buy glasses with interchangeable lenses, since there is a high risk of scratching the lenses. For fishermen, you need to choose not wide glasses with polarization. Top 5 sports where you need to wear sunglasses.

4. Not paying attention to the frame of the glasses

It is necessary to choose sunglasses with frames made only of high-quality materials. One of such materials is grylamide or TR 90. This is since grylamide TR 90 is the lightest and most durable polymer, respectively, frames made of such material are very comfortable and light, about 25% lighter than frames made of conventional polymers. And it is also very durable, flexible, and does not cause allergies. By right, this material is the best material for sports glasses. Our sunglasses are only made of TR 90.
In our store, you can find the most protective, comfortable, and high-quality sunglasses made only in high-quality materials.

Torege always cares about your health.

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