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For every $1 spent at Torege you will earn 1 point. View all the ways to earn points on our rewards page.

Redeeming your hard-earned points is easy! Simply apply your points for a discount at checkout.

Yes! All past, un-returned purchases made after 2/20/2020 will earn points upon sign up. However, if you have made purchases using more than one account in the past, please contact customer service for assistance in merging these accounts while we work on a long-term solution.

Yes! After the item is marked as returned in our system, the points used for this discount will return to your account.

Make sure you are logged into your Torege Eyewear Account, put the item(s) in your cart, head to check out. Within checkout, click the amount of points you would like to use on your order, like the screenshot below.

Points are award to each individual account based on purchase history and actions taken. Customers cannot combine their points with another customer to increase their discount.

If you checked out with a different email or just a phone number, they will not be applied to your normal account. Please reach out to to disable any duplicate accounts you may have to ensure all your points are going to one account.

You can view our Terms & Conditions here.