What are color-enhancing lenses? How do they work?

What are color-enhancing lenses? How do they work? - Torege® Eyewear
Have you ever heard about color-enhancing lenses? These lenses feature not only amplify your visual color experience but also increase your ability to take in details of contrast and contours while any outdoor activities, by doing so improve your performance.

TOREGE lenses have unparalleled color clarity and separation, microscopic depth and detail, and clearer contrast. When you do outdoors, the tiniest details can make or break your adventure. TOREGE lenses help you see more DEPTH and detail; the hidden branches that burn along the TRAIL are ideal for landing bait on CLOUDY DAYS or waves on the HORIZON. More details, more exciting
- Color enhancement technology, richer color levels
- Increased saturation, clearer and more comfortable vision
- Very suitable for outdoor sports, cycling, mountaineering

1. Bright colors
By blocking the yellow light source in some bands, the red, blue, and green vision is strengthened, so that the wearer can see objects more clearly and brightly. At the same time, the contrast and clarity of the colors of PC/PA injection-molded lenses are improved to achieve a color-enhancing effect and enrich the color level.
2. High contrast
Better distinguish between dark areas and brighter areas to better perceive details and levels.
3. Clearer and more vivid

Provide a clear visual experience without distortion, improve visual comfort, and make your life more vivid and exciting with Torege.

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