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What kind of sunglasses shall we wear to be “cool” to watch FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

What kind of sunglasses shall we wear to be “cool” to watch FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

The long-awaited FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has finally come, for which the host country, Qatar, is an Arab state located in Qatari Peninsula, the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf. Qatar, rich in oil and gas resources, has spent more than $200 billion on this World Cup, making the most luxurious World Cup ever. The event attracted countless fans from all over the world to come and see it in action.



Qatar, with a tropical desert climate, has larger area of wilderness covered by sand oil, hot and dry, but humid along the coast. It has summer and winter months only, with an average temperature of over 40℃ in summer when the extreme heat is not suitable for  the World Cup, while the winter in Qatar has a temperature of about 22℃ in November, making body feels the most comfortable, so Qatar has also become the first country to host a World Cup in the winter month of November.


For such a long-anticipated and passionate great football feast, we must choose a pair of cool polarized sunglasses to watch the spectacular event and to show your attractive energetic and dynamic image to fans from all over the world. Qatar has a sun shining brightly and fiercely to attract pretty boys and girls around the world to come in great numbers. The interplay of footballing glamour and personal touch will make you feel wild and free which you long yearn for. In addition to it, a pair of cool and functional sunglasses for men or women will make you the hottest guy in the venue.


The aspects we focus more on to wear sunglasses are nothing else than the following:

1. we wear Polarized sunglasses to block out glare, alleviate eyestrain and reduce damage by sunlight stimulation, because we all know that the ultraviolet irradiation of the sunlight will cause injuries to the cornea and retina of the eye.

2. Sunglasses lenses are generally classified into five types: anti-reflective protective lenses, colored lenses, tinted lenses, polarized lenses and photochromic lenses. Each has its different functions and visual effects, and you can choose it based on your preferences and uses. For specific guide for selection, please visit the official website of TOREGE for details.

3. we have to notice if our face shape is perfectly matched with the sunglasses. Besides, the design styles, colors and quality of lens are also a concern, especially for those pursuing beauty. When such boys and girls wear a pair of cool and stylish sunglasses to watch the football game among spectator seats and are caught on camera in the video screen, they will have an exciting time with an aftertaste that lingers.

Finally, we must pay attention to the eye health. Some sunglasses with inferior lens in the market cannot effectively block out harmful UV light although blocking some of the glare. In this case, the glasses will aggravate UV damage to our eyes due to the dilation of the pupils. If we make an improper choice of sunglasses, symptoms of asthenopia such as nausea, forgetfulness, and insomnia can occur.


Well, how do we get the right sunglasses to watch such a wonderful football spectacle?

If your are crazy about football and will be there to see the game in person, you have to choose a pair of sunglasses with grey lenses. The games during FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 always begin in the afternoon, and grey lenses can block out glare to the maximum extent, which will bring you the most comfortable sense of vision and feel. Besides, the sunglasses with grey lenses will give you an unbleached field scenery in addition to its fashionable style and sunscreen function.

It is the best to wear a pair of sunglasses with yellow lenses when it is nightfall with inadequate light at the opening and closing ceremonies or evening games, which will provide you with more accurate vision with improved contrast. The cool yellow lenses, which is suitable for young people, will show a good decorative effect as well.

For such a great event, of course, there are also numerous beautiful girls from various countries in the world, who are better suited to sunglasses with various light blue and pink lenses, creating excellent view, which will showcase your charms to the maximum.  

Qatar is also a famous tourist destination. You might wear a pair of sunglasses with blue lenses to go for a break from the football game to a beach nearby. Blue color can effectively filter the light blue light reflected from the sea and the sky, but we shall not wear glasses with blue lenses when driving since they will make it difficult for us to distinguish the color of traffic signals.

In the daytime, you might wear a pair of sunglasses with dark green lenses and go to Doha Zoo or Palm Tree Island, Doha for a walk, which can absorb the heat and make you feel cool and refreshing, perfect for wearing in the sun. In addition, the dark green lenses that bring us a nice and cool feeling are ideal for people who get eyestrain more easily, which is in conformity with the environmental concept.

If you drive from nearby to watch the football game, it is best for you to choose TOREGE’s polarized sunglasses, which will make clear the scenic road and avoid the harsh reflected light from the road surface. The car gasoline is cheaper than water in Qatar, so you can enjoy the driving fun, even in the dark night, for which there are many night vision glasses for your choice.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is a great sporting event that’s sure to set off a long-lost carnival to bring out the best in football players and football-loving spectators alike! A host of our favorite football stars may also be fixed in this World Cup forever. Whether by chance or necessity, it doesn't matter, which, somehow, will be destined to become forever! Such a glory is an ultimate solitude and, we could also say, this solitude is the ultimate glory.

Therefore, we prefer to be light and walk alone in the darkness, which is the return to our original ingenuity. Hold up your frames to push the dust in your brows, and beyond your chest is my solitary courage surging. Just because of our persistence and righteousness, to create you the most stylish and connotative sunglasses becomes a matter of course!

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