Torege sunglasses frame technology.

Torege sunglasses frame technology. - Torege® Eyewear
We do always say that our frames are made of only high-quality material, at a good technology. But what does that mean?
Today we are gonna reveal all our frames technology, which can make you understand Torege brand inside out.

Frames material is crucial
Frames have to be as lightweight as they can be because heavy ones can make discomfort while activities. The best material for the frames is Grilamid TR90 all our eyewear frames are made of.
Grilamid TR grade is an amorphous thermoplastic. Due to their composition, they combine the excellent properties of semi-crystalline polyamide 12 grade and amorphous thermoplastics in a unique way.
This is emphasized in some special characteristics, including high chemical resistance and stress-cracking resistance, as well as excellent transparency.
- The main features of Grilamid TR are:
- High transparency
- Good chemical resistance
- Low density
- Low moisture absorption
- Good bending strength
- High thermal deformation temperature
Grilamid TR is a transparent polymer in granular form that combines a variety of excellent properties. The product is such that specific performance requirements can be achieved by modifying the material. A noble polymer with unlimited possibilities.

As a Swiss technology, this incredible thermoplastic is the material used in all our sunglasses (except metal frames). Its high flexibility, durability, and lightweight make it the perfect material for making high-performance glasses.
- Excellent transparency and weather resistance stability
- Unlimited color ability
- Excellent stress cracking resistance
- Toughness and stiffness
- Good chemical resistance
- High bending fatigue strength
- EU and FDA food approval
  • Impact-resistant, ultra-light, environmentally friendly, comfortable, safe, and durable, within 100% framework
In addition, TR90 is also hypoallergenic, so when the wearer sweats while doing sport, there is no need to worry about skin irritation, which can happen when wearing low-quality sunglasses.
Nowadays TR90 counts as the best material for sunglasses frames.

Nose pads or glasses have to sit on the face tightly
Nose pads fix the eyewear on the face properly, even when the face is getting wet they shouldn't slip, they have to be hydrophilic.
So our specially formulated COOLGRIP™ rubber provides excellent performance when wet. COOLGRIP ™ is a technology created by the TOREGE brand to solve the problem of preventing sunglasses from slipping when sweat. The solution of this technology is achieved through the design of the surface texture of the rubber and the cooperation of the rubber material. All our sunglasses contain this technology.
Also, the all of our sunglasses nose-pads are adjustable. The soft adjustable nose frame is suitable for any shape of the face. The system also allows you to adjust the height of your glasses and their distance from your face to prevent fogging.

Power circulation air system
If you have ever worn the glasses, you probably know how they can fog up when the temperature changes. So to prevent this all our eyewear frames contain a power circulation air system.
The innovative power flow system scientifically sets up air vents on the tip of the temples, the front chassis, and the lenses to enhance air circulation while ensuring maximum aerodynamic efficiency without interfering with the line of sight. There is no more mist, only a crystal clear vision.
Our ventilation controllers are designed to adjust the airflow to reduce thermal shock, prevent fogging, and ensure a perfect vision and comfortable ventilation.
Now you know what is sunglasses frames technology, and obviously became an expert in understanding what is good frames and what is of poor quality. And Torege in its turn always happy to be useful.

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