The Best Sunglasses of Winter 2022

The Best Sunglasses of Winter 2022 - Torege® Eyewear
We don't stop wearing sunglasses in winter or summer. After all, they perfectly protect against harmful ultraviolet radiation, and more recently - viruses. In addition, it is a great accessory that will complete your look and can even become a highlight of the image.
This is an eternal classic that goes with absolutely everything. After all, they are laconic, have a thin frame and a minimalistic design. In winter, wear aviators with a sheepskin coat or a soft fur coat, and with the arrival of spring, fix images with floral dresses, jeans, and bright tops.

Total black
The movie "Men in Black" immediately comes to mind, where the characters wore glasses with dark frames and black lenses. Total black glasses have become the main characters of the podiums. The most successful shapes for such a model are square, trapezoid, or narrow in the "Matrix" style. If you also want to look like characters in "Matrix", try on our BLACK SANDSTONE and HERON sunglasses 
If you are going to a ski resort, this winter you will definitely need glasses with a durable frame, ultra-grip hydrophilic nose pads and ear socks providing sport level retention, and complete full-spectrum UV protection. In this article, you can find 4 common mistakes in choosing sunglasses. Read to avoid them. 4 common mistakes when choosing sunglasses. Exactly such kind of sunglasses you can find on our website. We are sure you will be crazy about them.

Colored lenses
These bright glasses will become the main accent of your image. This season, the lenses can be any color that you like: from delicate blue and sunny yellow to bright red or green. As for the frame, its color may be similar to the lenses. But the bravest will choose models with contrasting shades. By the way, it's cool to create monochrome images with such glasses, choosing a model to match the clothes.
Oversize glasses
Massive glasses that cover half of the face are an opportunity not only to protect the skin but also to better protect against the virus. The most current model is a square black frame and large dark lenses.

White frame
In winter, the white color looks especially beautiful. Therefore, we are sure that glasses with snow-white frames will become your favorite this season. And in general, all shades of white are relevant in clothing. Create a 100% white winter onion - and you will not lose!
Finding the best sunglasses to suit you is tricky. Especially for winter weather. Hope our article was useful and you've noticed some cool glasses for yourself. Well, if you are a fan of winter sports, hurry up to explore our site, we have a lot of good options.

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