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One of the professional sports sunglasses designed for riding

One of the professional sports sunglasses designed for riding - Torege® Eyewear

Materials: 100% UV400 protection lens, hypoallergenic material for the frame.Best characteristics: Five interchangeable lenses, super light, durable, soft rubber, shock-resistant frame

Motorcycle rider needs a suitable and higher quality sunglasses no matter in longer rides or short rides that can prevent balks from damage your eyes. Especially, rider riding the motorcycling up to 30kph, it cannot ignore the wind, small insects and macadam damage. TR002 is the sports sunglasses designed for cycling.

One of the special characteristics about TR002 is its frame design, its uniqueness frame designed has a shock-resistant feature. Each frame joint can be bent strongly and the frame still can be restored to its original. In addition, mellow design style can let the user have more options for using in complex environment and topography. And hollow mirror leg designed can reduce the glasses weight and wind resistant when they are riding at high speed. Rubber nose pad can let the user feel comfortable and play non-slip when player sweating strong. Head and sunglasses temple make the head without oppressive feeling, and let the user almost cannot feel the glasses’ weight during their exercise.

In these five interchangeable lenses, the blue lens material is polycarbonate which is 20 times more impact resistant than normal glass, and it provides 99.9% UA/B protection. The yellow one is for night activities and it can improve clarity on dull days, especially, it is adaptable for nighttime riding. And the black one is polarized, which can effectively eliminate glare reflected off surfaces such as water, snow, the road, car glasses and it is suitable to be used in different kinds of environment. And the other lens can be used through specific situations.

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