How To Keep Eyeglasses From Slipping Down Your Nose

How To Keep Eyeglasses From Slipping Down Your Nose - Torege® Eyewear

Wearing glasses is often associated with inconveniences. For some, they fog up, for others, they slide off the bridge of their nose. And this happens even in cases when the frame, as it seems to us, is perfectly matched.

Why do they "slide"?

The most common reasons:

  • The frame does not fit your size;
  • Sunglasses were put on the head like a hairband, as a result, the distance between the temples became larger;
  • The eyewear is very heavy;
  • You take off your glasses by holding only one of the temples, and the second one stretches
  • After prolonged use, they simply "spread out"
  • The nose pads are in the wrong position and need to be adjusted.

What to do if the glasses slip off

We believe that uncomfortable glasses can not be worn, so you need to buy new ones. Technical problems should be fixed by the master. Of course, you can twist the screw yourself. However, it is difficult to return stretched temples or curved nose pads to their original state.

You can urgently solve the problem by bending the glasses with your hands. Heat the temples, if they are plastic, with a hairdryer and slowly bend them inside.

There is still one effective way. It is necessary to buy stoppers for glasses — special silicone nozzles that are put on the shackles and fixed in the desired position.

A few simple tips to help avoid slipping sunglasses:

    • Buy glasses in a light plastic frame so that they do not slide off with any movements. Try on our eyewear and you won't feel them on your face. Because their frame is made of durable, flexible, and lightweight TR90 material. Grilamid TR 90. The best material for sunglasses. In this article you will find information about TR90 material.
    • Choose sunglasses with grip rubber nose pads and temples. Torege sunglasses have ultra-grip hydrophilic rubber nose and temple tips providing a secure fit and sport level retention.
    • Remove the glasses with both hands from the head, and do not pull on one temple.
    • Do not use sunglasses as a hairband.
    • Keep the glasses in the case. A careful attitude to eyeglasses will prolong their service. Do you don't know how to store them properly? Then, read this article How to store sunglasses & What to avoid.

Follow these tricks to avoid uncomfortable wearing eyewear. Explore our website to find your perfect ones.

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