How to choose the right sunglasses for children

How to choose the right sunglasses for children - Torege® Eyewear
A lot has already been said about the dangers of ultraviolet sunlight. Today, every adult clearly understands that sunglasses are necessary to protect their eyes.

And what about the children? Do their eyes also need protection from sunlight or are the glasses just a "toy" accessory?

Ophthalmologists are unanimous in answering this question – children's eyes need protection from the sun even more than adults. Scientific studies have shown that the lens of a child under ten years of age is extremely susceptible to ultraviolet light, which makes it very vulnerable.

In recent years, there have been more and more conscious parents, and no one is surprised at kids in sunglasses anymore. Children wear them on vacation in the mountains, on the beach and, most importantly, in everyday urban life. To choose the right accessories for your child from the sun, you should follow some recommendations.

How to choose children's glasses - general rules

The requirements for choosing children's and adult models are similar - they are comfort, hypoallergenic, safety.

Comfort is easy to achieve, having previously tried on glasses. They should not move out when turning the head or press on the bridge of the nose. The physiology of children has its own characteristics: the face is often round, the eyes are located close to each other and, in this regard, the children's bridge of the nose is low and flat. When choosing a model, it is worth considering this nuance. As well as the fact that with age the bridge of the nose will become higher and narrower, and old glasses will not be comfortable.

The hypoallergenic and safety of glasses depends on the materials used. You should choose lenses made of high-quality polycarbonate, not glass. Polycarbonate is more resistant and durable, which is especially important in children's models.

As for the frame, manufacturers use either plastic or an alloy of metal with nickel. The shackles are necessarily flexible and rubberized. For older children, you can choose a model with a metal frame.

A few more tips for choosing children's sunglasses from the sun

Protection from UV rays is the main goal. Therefore, pay attention to the marking. For both adults and children, it is best to choose lenses with maximum UV400 protection.

If we talk about choosing the color of lenses, then give preference to a palette as close as possible to the color of the iris. These are gray, brown, green, black (not too dark).

It is also desirable to have a polarizing coating. Glare reflected from smooth surfaces/mirrors can disorient a child.

To pick up high-quality sunglasses, you should not go to the market, it is better to contact a specialized store. After all, the health of your child's eyes depends on it.

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