How to choose sunglasses for male face shape.

How to choose sunglasses for male face shape. - Torege® Eyewear

The main function of sunglasses will always be - eye protection from UV rays and sun-bright light. But not only women but also men want to look stunning and cool with this accessory. By wearing the right pair of sunglasses, you will look more stylish and elegant. You can favorably emphasize any of your fashion looks. But first, you need to figure out how to choose sunglasses that will suit your face shape. So let's see!

For round

Persons with a round face, plump cheeks, the rounded chin can purchase fashionable varieties of sunglasses with elegant narrowed frames. Fashionable Wayfarers or square models will be suitable.

For square

It is easiest for men with a square face shape to find the perfect sunglasses. The main thing is to soften the rough lines. The contours of the face should be slightly rounded. That is why men with a square face do not like square and rectangular frames or too small models.

A win-win solution will be trendy "aviators", "butterflies" or "cat" models. The glasses can be decorated with beautiful patterns located in the upper half.

For oval

It is also easy to find suitable sunglasses for people with oval faces. Such a structure is characterized by maximum proportionality. There are a lot of optimal options, for people with a such kind of shape, but the most suitable ones will be rectangular, rounded models, "aviators" and "butterflies".

For oblong

Very carefully, it is necessary to select sunglasses for oblong features. To choose the perfect men's accessory, you should pay attention to the options that visually will shorten a long (often thin) face. This effect is usually achieved through visual expansion and rounding. The same trendy aviator-type models, as well as modern rounded, rectangular, oval, and some varieties with wide frames, can easily cope with this task.

For triangular

Men who have a triangular face are distinguished by a prominent chin and a narrow forehead. Trending trapezoidal glasses can correctly emphasize such structure of the face. These are popular types of accessories that are equipped with corners stretched upwards.

For heart-shaped

People with a similar facial structure naturally have a pointed chin, a wide forehead, as well as high and angular cheekbones. It is better to choose high-quality teardrop-shaped glasses for such a type of face shape. These models are designed to focus on the lower half of the face. Do not buy products with rough rectangular frames.

For diamond-shaped

Another type of face is diamond-shaped. His characteristic features are a pointed chin and a massive forehead. The widest part of the face runs along the cheekbone line. The glasses should establish proportionality between the top and bottom. Aviators and oversize will help in this, but the round design will emphasize the lack of proportion.

So, we figured out how to choose glasses by face type and now we can buy glasses without a doubt. We are sure that in our online store you will find the perfect ones for yourself at the best price. Don't forget that we have a lifetime warranty and replacement policy. Have a good shopping!

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