How To Buy Torege Sunglasses Online

How To Buy Torege Sunglasses Online - Torege® Eyewear
Online shopping has become a part of our life. Just a few clicks on the site, and in a few days the desired purchase will come to your home by itself. Ordering our glasses is very easy and simple.
Step 1. Choose sunglasses.
First, you have to choose any sunglasses which you like. Read our article about how to choose the right ones for yourself. What should athletes pay attention to when choosing sport glasses?
Step 2. Filling out the order list.
After picking up your favorite, just add it to the cart. Then click "go to cart" and start with filling out the order blank. Choose your country, city and leave an additional comment (if you want).
Step 3. Payment.
Then you need to pay and wait for your sunglasses, which will arrive in 5-7 days.

We provide free shipping (USA), returns, and warranty. Within 60 days of receipt of your order, you may return a pair of qualifying Torege Sunglasses in their original condition with original packaging in new and saleable condition. (Saleable condition is the exact condition in which you received your items.) Torege builds 100% trust with its customers.

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