6 ideas on how to wear sports glasses in everyday life.

6 ideas on how to wear sports glasses in everyday life. - Torege® Eyewear

Every year the fashion world captures the trend for large sports glasses. Sunglasses in the style of the 80s, more like the equipment of skiers and snowboarders, can now be found not only in a professional sports store but also in boutiques of the most famous brands. Even at the shows of Dior, Givenchy and Fendi, distinguished by their elegant feminine accessories, you can find sports glasses.

How to wear sports glasses in everyday life: 6 ideas from fashionistas

Following other sports items, large sports glasses came into fashion. They can be worn not only during active sports on the street but also in everyday life. This is a trend!

  1. Kim Kardashian was the first to wear huge sunglasses in a sporty style, complementing their image with a white T-shirt and narrow knee-length shorts.
  2. She was followed by other stars, including the Hadid sisters, Rihanna and Rita Ora. Rita Ora wears sports glasses with a bright frame, not only with a T-shirt and bicycles, but also a denim suit.
  3. During the fashion week in Paris in the summer of 2019, many models in such glasses were also noticed. Most prefer to wear them with a uniform jumpsuit and fancy pumps.
  4. However, they can organically complement any look with trousers.
  5. Sports glasses will harmoniously fit into the image with a mini skirt and an oversize jacket, which is the most trending thing for the second season in a row.
  6. Don't be afraid to wear sports glasses with feminine midi-length dresses. In combination with elegant mules, a massive accessory looks very stylish.

Torege sunglasses from the Iceman series can complete absolutely any of your fashion look. Just try them on.

Sporty style in clothing and accessories has become an integral part of world fashion. As you can see, sports glasses open up unlimited freedom for fashion experiments and creative self-expression.

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