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Torege brings together people who are dedicated to free living and passionate sports.We welcome you to join us and believe that you can make us better

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runner, Coach, Lifestyle
Christiana Hetzel
Travel & fitness enthusiast
Anna Markay
Wildlife Biology
Andrea Simon
CPT 24 Hr Fitness
Dwayne Crockett
@Dwayne Crockett
Jeff Schmuker
Travel & fitness enthusiast
Orlando Hernandez
Travel & fitness enthusiast
Prentiss Berry
Cycling Enthusiast
Kevin Villanueva
Mountain Biking, Cycling, Training
Jon Fecik
Triathlon, Swimming, Biking, Running
Adolfo Suarez
Cycling, Wrestling
Adam Wood

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Stoked about Torege and looking to get more involved? Our new Insider program is all about bringing the community together. It doesn’t matter what your particular outdoor pursuit is as long as your Torege eyewear helps you do it. As an Insider, your job is simple – just spread the word. Let your crew, your family, your followers, your friends, and your connections know about Torege and how we’re working hard to revolutionize the optics industry. And then, show them how much fun we’re having while we do it.

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Torege is a rapidly growing company that knows quality matters to our fans. You have been with us since the beginning and it's finally time we officially join together to make TOREGE even better. By joining us, you will get a first look at new technology, unlock access to exclusive promotions, and enjoy other benefits exclusive to #Insider Program.

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You have been with us since the beginning and it's finally time we officially join together to make Torege even better.

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