Torege was founded in 2012, as an emerging brand, fashion, rejuvenation, scientific and technological sense is our characteristics. In order to bring you a better consumer experience, innovation and optimization has always been our core. According to observation, dialogue, improvement and feedback with the design of sunglasses, we have absolute confidence to meet every challenge. Affordable prices, higher quality is our commitment and protection to you. In order for you to enjoy the fun of sports, whether in the riding, jogging, marathon, rock climbing, triathlon and other sports, or the pursuit of fashion on the forefront of the road, we can provide consumers with the best glasses protection measures and individual needs. In order to allow you to experience clear, comfortable and safe Torege sunglasses at every turn, we are committed to life-long replacement services. Thank you to the faithful you have always supported us, without you, we can not succeed. Love sports, love life is our philosophy, but also Torege convey to you always maintain a young heart through the product.





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