In the most unfortunate moments, we will not let you down, with us you will awaken the energy for new achievements!

We're Torege

We have a passion and inner power in our hearts. As a company founded by IT specialists, we carry on logical rigor and persistence. We know, that being closed and living boring life always gives a sense of invisibility. To change it all you have to listen to your heart and awaken your inner power. We truly believe that we live to awake this inner energy, inner passion just like the huge waves, surging, pushing each other, and forcing us to move and create.

For the last 10 years we headed the innovation in the sunglasses industry of creating the high-quality, but cost-effective sunglasses, which anyone can afford. Because we think it’s quite unfair, when good pair of sunglasses costs as a luxury thing, when they have to help people change their lives, and become a motivation, not to be a burden. So that’s exactly why our prices are so friendly for every consumer.  our innovative and seamless eyewear design, each pair is like ocean waves, always reminding you and shaping your style of motivation, which encourages that energy within yourself. This is Torege.

Quality Obsessed

We spent years in R&D, so you can spend years wearing your Torege. Each item we make is rigorously tested for comfort and durability, and we’re constantly looking for more ways to innovate and improve. Because the better your glasses, the more motivated you will be when doing anything.


You will find our iconic “wave” icon on every pair of glasses. It is a symbol that inspires your passion for sports, bravery and enterprise. It is also a kind of faith and confidence, Stormy waves riding the wind and breaking waves remind you that there is an unspeakable mysterious life force that gives people some kind of power to surpass themselves


To break the rules, move forward, create the best and coolest glasses
that everyone can afford and that everyone can enjoy. We provide a lifetime guarantee, encourage people to do what many do not dare, namely, to strive for self-improvement.