How to care for Torege Sunglasses

A little care can go a long way to keeping your sunglasses and lenses in top shape. Here are a few tips:


Do not place such sunglasses outdoors or any indoor place with high temperature directly. High temperature may cause the deformation or yellowing of lenses or spectacle frame. The polarizing film on polarized lenses may fall off due to high temperature or moisture. Do not place such sunglasses in water for a long time to avoid corrosion. Do not extrude or squeeze the spectacle frame and lenses to avoid deformation or separation of parts. Before using such sunglasses, please inspect whether it has deformation, scratches, loosening, absence of accessories or other abnormal conditions. Please contact us immediately if one of the above conditions is found. Please read relevant operation manual carefully before wearing the glasses.


Such sunglasses shall be kept in a spectacle case when they are not used to guarantee the optimal effects. Such case shall be placed in the environment between -11℃ and +34℃. It shall be avoided to place such sunglasses in strong sunlight or any humid environment (e.g. sand beach, snow mountain or any place inside a car), for the functions of such sunglasses may be damaged in the above conditions. If the lenses are worn or vague, you shall replace them with original Torege lenses.

Maintenance and cleaning

Please use clean water to wash the sunglasses if they have stains. The enclosed glasses cloth or glasses pocket can be used for wiping them. If wiping fails, please use warm water and weak detergent for cleaning. Solvents (e.g. ethyl alcohol, acetone, etc.) or other irritating chemicals that may damage glasses performances shall be avoided. Regular cleaning and maintenance shall be conducted.

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