What will happen to you in 30 days of running.

What will happen to you in 30 days of running. - Torege® Eyewear
Even without any reminder, you know that running is way beneficial for your health. If you started this long and challenging path, we wanna cheer you up and tell you that the most crucial thing is a habit. And one month is good enough to develop a habit. Of course, 30-day running takes willpower, but look what you get.

Running can help to
-Strengthen the immune system.
- Strengthen joints
-Get rid of depression
-Burn body fat
-Strengthen the respiratory system
-Strengthen muscles

Of course, before you start running, you need to make sure that you have no contraindications and talk about it with your doctor. But even if everything is fine with your body, you still need to start training carefully.

Remember that you need to start running for 30 minutes a day until your body gets used to it. Alternate running with walking in a comfortable ratio for you and increase the duration of the load by 7-10% per week.

Equally important are the accessories necessary for running. first of all, these are glasses with full UV protection, designed for running. This will protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, which can lead to serious eye diseases. 5 running accessories that will make training easier

But what will happen to your body in 30 days of running? Let's take a look.

Day 1. If you have never run through before, then after a while you will start puffing, and you may feel a slight pain in your lungs.

Day 3. You may start running only for 20 minutes on day 3, but that's OK. The main thing is to protect your eyes from the sun or snow with high-quality sunglasses. The best running sunglasses from Torege

To be honest, up to 7 days will be hard, but if your willpower wins, then on the seventh day you will begin to notice how it becomes easier and easier for you to get up in the morning, how your mood will improve and more energy will appear.

If you had a couple of kilograms of excess weight, then you will lose them during these days.

Day 14. For 14 days, every day your well-being will improve. Your body will start demanding classes, but maybe your brain will be a little lazy, but always remember why you started this challenge. This thought will give you strength, and you will begin to improve the body further.

Day 23. If you are here, then you probably feel like it has become easier for you to breathe, and your productivity has improved, your concentration has increased. You understand that this is the milestone that few reach and you can be proud of yourself and your improved body.

Day 30. You don't see it, but you will feel that your health has improved. Detoxification of the body took place, immunity improved, muscles and respiratory system strengthened.

And the most important thing is that you were able to pass this marathon, which means that your will has strengthened and a habit has appeared, continuing which you will be healthy.

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