What does the marking on sunglasses mean? Torege eyewear.

What does the marking on sunglasses mean? Torege eyewear. - Torege® Eyewear

What do you pay attention to when buying sunglasses? Price? A model? Matching the shape of your face? Convenience? That's right – these are very important parameters. But other details can give you more information. We are talking about symbols and numbers on glasses.

What do the numbers on the sunglasses mean?

They talk about:

  • the brand and the place of production of glasses;
  • lens properties;
  • the size of the frame and the temples

Details about the inscription and numbers on the temples.

The numbers that indicate the size of the sunglasses are the marking standard: 3 (less often 4) numbers, the first and second of which are separated by a square or a slash. Decoding the numbers:

  1. the first number will tell about the width of the lenses,
  2. the second is the difference between the lenses (bridge width),
  3. the third is the total length of the temples,
  4. the fourth number indicates the height of the lens.
  • The symbol CE indicates compliance with European quality standards, which guarantee safety for consumer health and the environment.
  • "Made in" or another variant "Hand made in" on the frame indicates the country of manufacture. This inscription may not be present on sunglasses. Labels like "design in", "produced", "frame" indicate a copy.
  • The UV symbol indicates UV protection.
  • UV 100% - indicates that the glasses are equipped with 100% UV protection.
  • On our sunglasses, you will see the address of our website torege.com
  • Name of the series of eyeglasses. Torege has 6 series of eyewear. You can learn more about them in this article Torege Sunglasses. Pick the Best Ones For Yourself!

As you can see, it is not difficult to understand the labeling of sunglasses. You only need to remember the basic symbols of numbers/inscriptions/symbols, and you will easily choose high-quality sunglasses.

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