The Differences Between Sunglasses For Men & Women

The Differences Between Sunglasses For Men & Women - Torege® Eyewear

Although modern fashion is increasingly smoothing the lines between men's and women's accessories, and the unisex style has become widespread, there are still models designed only for one gender.

Sometimes it's not easy to figure it out, but some signs allow you to distinguish for whom exactly a particular model is labeled.


If earlier it was easy to spot the differences between women’s and men’s sunglasses – for the first one brighter and lighter, for the second one darker and more massive, now everything has changed. Many girls like rough frames in dark colors, and guys wear light bright glasses.


  • Rounded and smoothed, soft, elegant lines.
  • Square lenses.
  • Women's sunglasses may differ in fancy shapes.
  • Frames with curly arches, complemented by decorative inserts.
  • Decorated with rhinestones, chains, etc.
  • The models "Butterfly", "cat eyes", "Chanterelles", "Dragonfly" are intended only for women.


  • Rectangular.
  • Teardrop-shaped.
  • Having classic shackles.
  • Strict restrained style.
  • The most popular male models are "Wayfarer", "Browline" and "Aviators".


  • Sports models are suitable for both sexes who prefer this style of clothing.
  • Massive glasses masks covering half part of the face can be worn by everyone. But models for women have additional jewelry, and men have a more strict style.
  • Round glasses in retro style.
  • "Aviators".


When it comes to colors for both genders, no one color is specific to one gender. Another thing is the frame. But women here are freer to choose, and men mostly stop at standard classic solutions:

  • Gray
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Metal

Women can choose any colors based on their tastes, style of clothing. The colors of the frames, intended exclusively for women, differ in brightness from men's, and can be:

Monophonic - lemon, crimson, pink, bright blue, or lilac.

Printed - leopard, floral.


Watches, belts, glasses, and other accessories are no longer divided into men's or women's. This led to the appearance of the "unisex" style when women do not hesitate to wear trousers, jackets, rough shoes. Guys, in turn, add bright things to their wardrobe, experiment with style, image.

If you put on sunglasses and you like the reflection in the mirror, you are comfortable in them, and you do not look ridiculous. Do not divide them into "male" or "female" models. Take it and wear it with pleasure!

On our website, you can find sunglasses for men and women and unisex eyewear too. They will be able to express your unique style and provide all-day comfort.

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