Space Travelers-Best Fit Sunglasses For Your Outdoor Activities

It’s common knowledge that extended exposure to the sun can be harmful to our eyes. The harm increases when we’re outdoor doing activities or playing sports. Wearing sunglasses will not only protect you from UV rays but also will protect you from strong wind, sand, insects and all other damages. For those who enjoy outdoor sports, it’s vital to choose sport sunglasses with best fit. Torege’s Space Traveller is the best choice for your outdoor activities. Our sport sunglasses are made with industry-leading technology. Thus, it includes every main feature that sport sunglasses should have.

The very first and most important feature is its lenses. Our lenses are made with multi-layer coating. The protective coating will block UV rays from harming your eyes. High-quality scratch-resistant lenses will increase its durability.

The frame is made of Grilamid TR90, which is lightweight, durable. A soft rubber nose pad is comfortable to wear.

Polycarbonate lenses and frames are not only impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, durable, and resistant to breakage, but also enhance the friction between the glasses and the face to reduce the chance of the eye slipping during exercise, enhancing the safety of the exercise.

A Space Traveler is suitable for outdoor sports such as cycling, driving, running, fishing, racing, skiing, rock climbing, and all other outdoor activities.

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