Quantity or Quality. The Damage of Low-Quality Eyewear.

Quantity or Quality. The Damage of Low-Quality Eyewear. - Torege® Eyewear

Preferring quantity to quality, and focusing only on appearance, people prefer to buy a variety of cheap sunglasses that can be combined with various types of clothes. But glasses, as an optical accessory, can affect your vision. And whether they will be useful or harmful depends on their quality.

So what is the difference between high-quality glasses and low-quality ones and how do choose harmless glasses? Let's start with the most important element – the lenses.

Difference in Lenses.

  • Low-quality glasses have just colored lenses with different intensities. Because they do not have coatings that protect against ultraviolet radiation, they are harmful to wear.

  • In dark lenses without a UV filter, the pupil stays dilated. Therefore, it captures much more rays of the ultraviolet spectrum, which are dangerous to eye health. At first, it causes rapid fatigue and headache, and in the future, you can get a bunch of eye diseases, from cataracts to oncology or blindness.

Difference in Materials.

Another negative characteristic is thаe poor quality of the materials. Cheap plastic does not have the necessary optical properties. You will see everything more blurry and not so clearly, which is also harmful to vision.

Have additional coatings.

A high-quality product has a lot of additional functions to protect your eyesight. High-quality lenses have coatings or filters that protect against ultraviolet, glare, and bright light. They also protect against scratches. All Torege sunglasses have additional coatings - anti-glare, anti-fog, impact-resistant.

Difference in frames.

Low-quality frames are made of cheap plastic or metal that is not properly processed. They may have notches and bumps, and can also cause allergies. That is, wearing such glasses is harmful to health.

High-quality frames are made of durable hypoallergenic polymers or metal alloys.

Now you understand that low-quality glasses are dangerous to health. We hope you will buy only high-quality glasses because your health depends on them. Shop another pair of eyewear only from trusted brands and read feedback from their customers. On the Torege website, you can do this.

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