popular sports sunglasses: Storm Chaser

When you sprint at a speed of 25 miles or more an hour, the dangers of gravel, insects, and hanging branches can seriously damage your eyes, and even rain can sting your eyes.

When night falls or cloudy, the line of sight becomes blurred, different colors of lenses can provide you with clarity to varying degrees.

Even if it's not a cycling day, it's just a simple walk. Having such a pair of sports sunglasses will help you resist ultraviolet light. The point is, you don't have to spend more money to buy a special pair of sunglasses.

So, whether you're riding on the road or on the road, the best bike sunglasses are wise.

This is a popular pair of sports sunglasses at Amazon, offering three lenses of different colors that you can match perfectly according to your needs.

Storm Chaser

4.5 stars, up to 5 stars

Additional lenses: TORIEX REVO lenses / HD POLARIZED lenses / TORIEX yellow night vision lenses.

2.High quality scratch-proof lens coating.

3.100% UV protection (UV 400).

Hollow lens, ventilation, atomization resistance.

Change the structure and replace the lens quickly and conveniently according to the demand.

Purchase link: https://www.torege.com/collections/all-styles/products/storm-chaser

Storm Chaser uses frameless coat frame design, which can replace different lenses. You can adapt your eyes to changes in light and environment by replacing different lenses with different environments. Improve your visual clarity to ensure sports safety.

In these lenses, gray lenses can deal with glare, rainbow lenses are suitable for cloudy days, yellow lenses are suitable for wearing at night, our lens is optimized for the whole spectrum, making the color look more vivid and enhancing the visual experience.

You may find it very difficult to change lenses, but the truth is: very simple! All you have to do is fold your arm, pull it down and slide it away, and you can easily and quickly remove the lens. It is similar to the Switchlock system used by Oakley on its RadarLock glasses-but it is less cumbersome to operate.

Lenses use GRILAMID TR90 material, it has the characteristics of light, flexible, durable, safe and non-skid. Very close to your eyes, but also suitable for different faces to wear. But in any scenario, the lens provides 100 per cent UVA and UVB protection.

Storm Chaser is one of our classic sports sunglasses, can promise higher quality, more suitable for our customers. We offer a lifetime warranty.
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