How to choose the right sunglasses for your sports activities.

How to choose the right sunglasses for your sports activities. - Torege® Eyewear
Sunglasses are a very important accessory for outdoor sports. It protects the eyes not only from ultraviolet radiation but also from wind and dust during hiking, cycling, jogging, etc. When you first time set out a goal to buy sunglasses, it is difficult to understand which criteria are the most important. Let's figure it out together.
First of all, we pay attention to the lenses.
UV protection
All modern sports glasses should protect against UV radiation of all types A, B, and C, although only the first two are a danger for us. UV protection is also available in lenses without darkening. You will find UV protection in all of our eyeglasses.
Protection from bright light
Bright light interferes quite a lot when doing sports. Imagine that you are riding a bicycle towards the boiling sun or trying to hit a ball on a volleyball court without seeing your opponents. A familiar situation? There is a blackout on the lenses specifically for this - it blocks the bright light.

Protection from mechanical damage
Active sports are often associated with the influence of external mechanical factors - these are tree branches or pebbles. Agree, it's not cool if you damage the lenses. Therefore, choose glasses with an impact-resistant lens.
The optical properties of lenses are also important. Let's consider the main parameters.
Contrast is a very important characteristic of the lens, allowing you to see the environment clearer. Manufacturers apply special color coatings to the lenses, increasing the contrast. Thanks to this, athletes can see the environment better and prevent dangerous situations.
Lens color
The lens color affects the perception of the environment and its choice depends on the sport. It is known that ski goggles most often have yellow-orange, bronze, or black filters; cycling goggles are made with yellow lenses.
The light reflected from some surfaces (water, snow, wet road, car glass) blinds, making the eyes water, leading to fatigue and discomfort. This is especially evident in the mountains. Fishing enthusiasts also suffer from this.
The polarizing filter removes reflected glare, increases the contrast, allowing you to see better.

Lens Coatings:
Oleophobic coating - repels fatty discharge: sweat, fingerprints.
Anti-fog coating - prevents fogging of glasses. For snowboarding and skiing lovers we have SUNSET goggles with anti-fog and scratch-resistant lenses. Rocket Slide click to see them.
Hydrophobic coating works by repelling moisture as it hits the lens.
The frame should be light and at the same time durable, not hindering movement during sports. Torege sunglasses are equipped with a durable, flexible, and lightweight TR90 frame and ultra-grip hydrophilic nose pads and ear socks.
How to choose the right glasses for the sport?
Active recreation in the mountains
Select the frame with the maximum fit to the face. Such glasses may have side protection (shorts).
We pay attention to whether there is polarization or not.
Lenses with UV protection.
Sunglasses from Talos Apollo, Rocket Slide series are for all-mountain activity lovers.
Glasses for water sports
Choose a wide frame to protect from the bright sun and glare.
Choosing models with polarization and anti-glare coating.
Lenses with UV protection.
Check out our eyewear from Cratos, Theseus series. They are, especially for fishermen.

Glasses for running and cycling
Pay attention to the weight and convenience. The frame should not distract or interfere.
Ventilation is important, especially for long distances.
It is better to use lenses with light filters or photochromic.
Lenses with UV protection.
Try on our sunnies from the Iceman series. They are perfect for running and cycling.
We hope our article was useful to you. And on our website, you will be able to choose a model suitable for your sports activities.
We wish you safe training and sports achievements.

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