How Should Sunglasses Fit Your Face?

How Should Sunglasses Fit Your Face? - Torege® Eyewear

In addition to its protective properties from ultraviolet radiation, an important aspect when choosing glasses is their comfort. So how can we determine if the model is selected properly? We will tell you in our article.

Signs of a proper fit

  1. Size. Sunglasses are selected strictly according to the width of the face. They should not fall off the head at the slightest movement, but at the same time sit freely enough not to put pressure on the temples.
  2. The lighter the weight of the accessory, the better - heavy models will give pressure, creating discomfort and leaving marks on the bridge of the nose.
  3. Your eyewear should sit in the middle of your face, no higher than your eyebrows, no lower than your eyes. The total width of your frames should match the width of your face at the temples.
  4. Glasses should sit on the bridge of the nose, just above the middle of the nose, and not in the cartilaginous part.
  5. How the temples should sit. The earpieces should lie freely, without squeezing the ears and temples, while ensuring a stable fit of sunglasses on the face.
  6. Should the glasses touch the cheek? When the muscles of the face are relaxed, the glasses should not touch the cheeks and should not put pressure on them. The contact of the frame with the cheeks is allowed only when you smile.
  7. Should sunglasses cover the eyebrows? We can answer that they shouldn't cover. But in fact, it depends on the type of face and the models suitable for it – very massive options will cover the eyebrows in any case.
  8. If after 20-30 minutes of wearing glasses, you feel discomfort – the accessory presses on the nose/ears/temples, or there are clear traces after removing it, then you chose the wrong eyeglasses.

On our website you can find sunglasses with adaptive hinges adjusting freely according to the wearer’s face shape, making the wearing experience more comfortable and free. With lightweight TR90 frame and additional coatings like anti-fog, anti-scratch, and hydrophobic. Glasses should give not only aesthetic pleasure but also comfort and safety.

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