CRATOS The best fishing sunglasses : Customer Review

Hope you are all having a wonderful day and cannot wait to see the new glasses. 

You read that right . I do in fact own two pair of the Cratos model of sunglasses made by Torege. Listen I live in Florida and other than it being known for probably being one of the most wildly dangerous states it is also known for its abundance of sunshine. I have grown up here and lived here most of my life other than a couple stints trying out college. I have had all sorts of sunglasses  from every brand for every type of application. I have owned multiple pairs of Costas, Oakley, Smith, and even had a Ray Ban Wayfarer stage twice.... An ehh dare I say the a couple of cheap free ones sprinkled in. This all goes to say I know sunglasses so when I own two of one pair something is up. Let me explain , I own two pair for a very good reason. 

 The first pair is my daily driver. They are the one the model in the picture is wearing . They feature the amazing polarized lenses that are also salt resistant . This is huge for me for a number of reasons . The first being I am always doing something involving the water and Pensacola is a beach town on the Gulf of Mexico. Saltwater destroys most thing and has been known to eat lenses slowly. The second being Florida is hot which means in turn I sweat a fair amount . With these being my dailies they have found themselves in both of these situations and have performed way above par. 

  The second pair is not a daily driver. In fact they are my fishing glasses . They stay their case in my fly fishing bag. These glasses are brown with amber lenses. The lenses are polarized and amber. This is really good for a lot of the conditions here . It helps show the contrast which is good for sight casting when fly fishing . These also have their secret salt protectant sauce so I am once again safe.  I am in love with these as well . I must say I see the fish I just wish the fish would see my fly and bite it more often. 

 So yes I do own two pairs of the same model of sunglasses . Do they serve the same purpose ... Meh kind of they do shield my eyes form the sun. My daily drivers go with me everywhere and crush life . My fishing glasses take away another excuse on why I did not catch the fish . These glasses are great , they over perform and Torege is an amazing company . They stand by their products with a lifetime warranty and a happiness guarantee . Which you won't need per evidence provided above.
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