How to install replacement lens

Lens removal


Warning! Lenses may be inserted only in specified models and pursuant to the following instructions. Failure to comply will adversely affect the optical performance and the lenses may not remain in place, causing interference with vision.

TR002,TR033 lens replacement instructions

  1. Locate the switch behind the center of the frame and pull down while holding the switch with the rubber part to remove the nose piece.
  2. Pull the lens down to remove the lens.

    Lens Installation

    1. Install the outer part of the lens into the notch in the frame as shown.
    2. Insert nose piece into the switch on the nose bridge.

    TR05 Lens replacement instruction.

    Lens removal

    1. Grasp the frame as shown and with your index finger and thumb squeeze the nose piece a shown to release the nose piece.
    2. Locate the switch behind the nose bridge and push the left side of the switch to release the lens.

    Lens installation

    Install the outer part of lens into notch in frame as shown. Hold the lens firmly, slide your thumb across the top of the frame until the inner lens tab snaps into the notch on the center of frame

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