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  • Which of Torege sunglasses are polarized?

    Currently, all of Torege sunglasses are polarized. Please note that your interchangeable lenses that come with your Torege sunglasses are non-polarized.   A black interchangeable lens has UV protection. An Interchangeable yellow lens is for the low light environment. 
  • Are your sunglasses UV protected?

    All of Torege sunglasses have 400 UVA/UVB protection! That's 100% coverage from the harsh rays of the sun.
  • Are my glasses scratch-resistant?

    Yes, they have a scratch-resistant layer. Before releasing our products, we went through extensive research and testing to make sure these sunglasses are safe and pass FDA regulations of impact resistance (Drop Ball Test). They are safe to wear during the day to day activities. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know!
  • How to install replacement lens

    Lens removal   Warning! Lenses may be inserted only in specified models and pursuant to the following instructions. Failure to comply will adversely affect the optical performance and the lenses may not remain in place, causing interference with vision. TR002,TR033 lens replacement instructions Locate the switch behind the center of the frame and pull down while holding the switch with the rubber part to remove...
  • What are TORIEX™ lenses?

    A TORIEX Lens is Torege proprietary high-definition lens technology that ramps up contrast,  optical clarity , amps up colors and enhances detail so you miss nothing.  We see three primary colors – red, green and blue. But our vision begins to distort where these three colors overlap.  Torege TORIEX lens technology filters filters out specific colors and hues. equalizing and brightening pure primary...

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